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Started by Elantric, April 07, 2017, 02:53:10 PM

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Hi evergreen,
 Thanks for your detailed analysis  :)
I am churning my way through it all,
and making any necessary changes/amendments for the soon coming update (fixing previously known issues on the "loader" function).

I have created a new "initialized" patch cloned from the Katana, so both Tone Studio and FxFloorBoard will match the same cleared state. 

Also addressing the signal chain order (Katana does what it wants to do in that respect), there are a few other quirks the Katana does, some parameters can change, depending on the color button status of the 3 effect variations (red-green-yellow).

the Assign part shown here

Is not used in the Tone Studio or Katana, as these were for the GT-100 parameter assigns (which the Katana Mk1 structure is based on the GT-100, and different to the Katana specific control assigns), but these are used for the "loader function" assigns.

The issue with patch volume and FV position was a request by many users, as some people (quite a few) were saving and sharing patches with the FV set at "0" volume, and other users without a Expression pedal could not get any sound from these patches and thinking they were corrupted, so the editor will load in the patches and change the Foot Volume pedal position to 100.
Patch Volume at 100 is a group decided thing, where many are recommending users to set the Patch Volume at 100 to get the best drive tones, and lower the Master level to suit the room.

Will continue through and check out the other things too.

Thanks :-)

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Have just posted a Windows update of the Katana_MK1_FxFloorBoard.
Try it out and let me know if this one is better.
Have rebuilt the midi patch Loader function, which now uses a different and more reliable file format.
Rebuilt the Chain section, where it now reflects the actual updates within the Katana,
 and any chain configurations the Katana may reject or modify on the fly.
(the Mk1 Katana is a bit picky on some custom signal chain configurations, mostly when using the midi Loader).

Keeping in mind the Tone Studio only allows 3 chain variations + pre/post placement of PDL, S/R, and EQ1,
FxFloorBoard allows an (almost) unlimited chain order.
So comparing *.tsl patch file data in that section will always be different.

Keen to hear your thoughts and recommendations.


Edit note: another update today, addressed the issue of Mk2 patch conversion and the S/R & NS wrong parameters, and the Mk2 patch selection listings corrected.
                and now posted the correct link too, trying to update too many different editors all at once.
Free "GR-55 FloorBoard" editor software from https://sourceforge.net/projects/grfloorboard/



Hi guys,

Just got back from vacation. Will download and try it today.
Thanks a lot


Quote from: gumtown on December 17, 2023, 01:49:56 PM@evergreen
Have just posted a Windows update of the Katana_MK1_FxFloorBoard.
Try it out and let me know if this one is better.
Keen to hear your thoughts and recommendations.


First of all, thank you to the developer(s) for having a look and attempting to fix these issues.

Issue 1) Clean patches differ from ToneStudio's and are inconsistent

Recreated clear/init paches:
A1:A4 with BTS
B1:B4 with FXFB
L9:L12 with FXFB.

I am disregarding assign fields here, as Gumtown said these are related to GT-100. Funny thing, I only got differences for mostly Assign4 this time.

B1=B2=B3=B4. All the same. Consistent! Great news.
L10=L11=L12. L9 was the only one with a different "assign5_act_range_hi":1 value. Disregarding that as per Colin's explanation.
Great start

Differences between BTS and FXFB (A1-A4 vs B1-B4)
"od_ds_drive" is still different

Differences between FXFB normal channels and Loader channels (B1:B4 vs L9:L12)
L9:L12 show a Loader Patch Assigns 1~8 option. This is NOT shown for B1-B4.
L9:L12 show Assigns 4-6 ON with Mod: Acoustic-Pro Bass. BASS? I think my Katana got covid :)
Issue 2 ) Importing a MK2 patch to a MK1 head produces different and strange results.

I will just focus on differences between channel and loader in FXFB.
Imported LambChopper's patch in FXFB to both B1 and L9.

     B1                                                      |       L9
| ----------------------------------------- | ----------------------------------------- |
"delay_type":8                                        |  "delay_type":0
"fx_chain_position3":4                            |  "fx_chain_position3":15
"fx_chain_position4":15                          |  "fx_chain_position4":5
"fx_chain_position5":5                            |  "fx_chain_position5":2
"fx_chain_position6":2                            |  "fx_chain_position6":13
"fx_chain_position7":13                          |  "fx_chain_position7":1
"fx_chain_position8":12                          |  "fx_chain_position8":12
"fx_chain_position9":1                            |  "fx_chain_position9":4
"fxbox_asgn_fx1a_g":20                          |  "fxbox_asgn_fx1a_g":10
"fxbox_asgn_fx2a_g":8                            |  "fxbox_asgn_fx2a_g":0
"pedal_fx_pedal_bend_direct_mix":100  |  "pedal_fx_pedal_bend_direct_mix":0
"pedal_fx_pedal_bend_effect_level":50  |  "pedal_fx_pedal_bend_effect_level":100
"pedal_fx_pedal_bend_pitch":36            |  "pedal_fx_pedal_bend_pitch":36
"pedal_fx_pedal_bend_position":36       |  "pedal_fx_pedal_bend_position":50
"position3":4                                          |  "position3":15
"position4":15                                        |  "position4":5
"position5":5                                          |  "position5":2
"position6":2                                          |  "position6":13
"position7":13                                        |  "position7":1
"position8":12                                        |  "position8":12
"position9":1                                          |  "position9":4

Both Delay type and pedal fx values are different as per above.
Regarding chain/position: Visually FXFB shows on screen:
B1 from left to right: Wah, EQ, Booster, MOD, AMP, NS, VOL, S/R, Delay1, FX, Delay2, Reverb.
L9 from left to right: Wah, EQ, AMP, Booster, MOD, NS, S/R, VOL, Delay1, FX, Delay2, Reverb.

Also, when loading L9, the first chain displayed on screen (first 1sec). is something completely different too (too fast to catch all details).
When L9 finally finishes loading, FXFB shows the chain as listed above.

Then I made a little experiment...
I chose B1 again and pressed save and choose add to loader (to L10).
I wanted to see if I don't import a patch directly to loader but first to a channel (B1) and only then copy/save it to the loader, would that work?
Answer: No it doesn't :(
What happened was: Loader shows a patch named L9 still in channel 9 and a new patch named B1 in channel 10. Names are correct BUT both are messed up.
L9 patch was overwritten and is now almost a copy of B1 except that VOL comes after S/R.
L10 patch (that is supposed to be a copy of B1) lists B1 as its name, which is correct, but the patch is neither a copy of B1 nor L9.
L10 from left to right: Wah, EQ, MOD, AMP, NS, VOL, Booster, S/R, Delay 1, FX, Delay2, Reverb.

This is not great. Which one is the correct chain for the patch? They should all be the same.

Some good news, I could not recreate the issue with the wrong index in combobox. Maybe because I didn't load/important/set something that made it go south. Or did it got fixed?
But today at least it loaded the patch I clicked on when importing a multi patch tsl.

Issue 3) MIDI patch loader is buggy.

I renamed L9 to L9b and choose to overwrite loader. This seems to work. Patch names are updated and L10 is still there, didn't disappear.
Closed FXFB and reopen again and both my L9b and L10 are gone.

All MIDI loader channels show "empty". :(

Let's try again,
Import patch directly to L9 and copy from B1 to L10 and compare results.
L9 doesn't have the same order as it did when imported previously. So, importing multiple times yield different results.

L10 (copy from B1)
Loader Patch Assigns only has assigns 5 and 6 ON. Where did the assign 4 go?
The chain order is now Wah, EQ, AMP, NS, Booster, MOD, VOL, S/R, Delay1, FX, Delay2, Reverb. Again another different chain.

I tried now to check Patch Levels. Click Panel, change patch level, save. Reload.
I am changing patch level of B1 to 1, level of L9 to 9 and L10 to 10. Easy to remeber.
Also set the same levels to Foot volume.
B1 back to 100%. (both patch and foot volume lost)
L9 still at 9%. (kept both at 9%)
L10 still at 10%. (kept both at 10%)

It still stores the levels in the Loader but not in the normal channels.

Tried to close and reopen FXFB, loader patches are gone again. It's consistent, but badly so. :p

Issue 4 ) Loading saved patches from the topright combobox sometimes fail.

Same issues, sometimes loading a patch produces no sound or too loud of a sound.
When there is no sound a workaround is to reload the same patch.

Again thank you for your work. Appreciated.

All the best,