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Started by Elantric, April 07, 2017, 02:53:10 PM

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While I downloaded it from Sourceforge yesterday, I must have followed an old link, so yes, it was an old version.
I've uninstalled it and installed the latest, which still has the same problem.

I have Display Scaling in Windows set to 250% due to the hi-res screen. I'm wondering if some elements of the UI are respecting that scaling while others are not.


Will have a look at that 250% is quite large, must be a very high res monitor.
Possible the left panel is being "double scaled"

Will update soon.
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Yes, it is pretty unusual. A 13" laptop screen with 4K resolution.
Fine if attached to a large monitor, but I have to scale the display considerably when not using an external monitor (which is most of the time), or everything's too small.

Nick Clarke

Hi. I have just downloaded Fx Floorboard for Katana mk1 firmware 4 version 20230201. I am having problems with the Reverb function, specifically Spring. The spring sensitivity control is not included for Spring reverb, but it IS shown when Ambience type is selected.

Moreover, when Ambience or Hall2 are selected as Reverb types, the Effect type in the drop down under the On/Off button does not synchronise correctly with the GRY option. It all works fine for Plate, Room, Modulate, Hall2 and Spring (however as above there is no spring sensitivity control displayed)

Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong? I can use all the v4 functionality via BTS so I have the right firmware and drivers.

I am hugely grateful to @gumtown, @Beanow and any others who support this amazing tool.



Whoops !!! my bad  :P

put the spring sense control under the wrong reverb type, an update is coming to fix that soon.

Thanks :-)
Free "GR-55 FloorBoard" editor software from https://sourceforge.net/projects/grfloorboard/

Nick Clarke

That's great Colin - many thanks for your super fast response.  While I have you, may I ask another question? I have the Katana Mk1 but I want to at least read Mk2 .tsl format patches to see what I can glean from them, especially as Floorboard can essentially cover on a Mk1 the augmented configuration features in Mk2.  Let me take for example the free Juca Nery SRV Mk2 patch from ToneExchange (attached to this message)

If I open this .tsl in the Mk1 v4 Floorboard I load in what seems a pretty recognisable Juca patch with lots of EQ - and the tone once loaded into the Katana is pretty convincing. The naming of the three patches seems awry but much of it seems credible (remember I have no independent way of knowing what the patch actually should be like).

So I had the idea of loading the Mk2 Floorboard onto another computer, not attached to a Katana, and loading the patch into that for comparison.  I installed both the FW1 and FW2 versions for the Mk2.  When i loaded the same .tsl file into these I got completely different results - with no boost assigned and using the Chorus and Tremolo on the CLEAN channel - not expected for a Texas Flood tone.  I have no idea what FW version Juca used when creating this patch.

Do you have any idea what might be going on here?  Also, I would appreciate it if anyone out there could reply here with the details of the actual tone settings in these three patches so I know what I am aiming for.  It's a free patch so I don't think I am undercutting Juca's very legitimate business.

thanks all


You can generally tell a mk1 or mk2 patch by the file size.
each Mk1 patch is 27kb in size
each Mk2 patch is 6kb in size.
So the package size is 18kb with 3 patches , it will be from the MK2 Mk2 Katana.

This patch set is not converting too well when opened in the Mk1 version where the MOD and FX are not aligning.

Another thing that makes Katana patches awkward is the Red/Green/Yellow effect variants and which one it was on when the patch file was saved.
Free "GR-55 FloorBoard" editor software from https://sourceforge.net/projects/grfloorboard/