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Wireless MIDI devices using Bluetooth (LE) Low energy
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Korg NanoKontrol Studio / NanoKey Studio Wireless MIDI Controllers

Roland A-01 Controller+Generator

Livid Instruments Guitar Wing

Livid Instruments MINIM Wireless MIDI Controller

Numark Orbit Wireless MIDI Controller

Retronyms Looperverse wireless MIDI Bluetooth LOW Energy floor pedal

PUC+ Wireless Bluetooth MIDI (USB and 5 pin)

Bluetooth Jamstick+

QuiccoSound mi.1

CME WIDI Bud - provides a BLE link for wireless MIDI communications

 DIY MIDI COntrollers, Bluetooth LE projects

Popboard - The Arduino based Bluetooth MIDI Foot Controller

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Re: Wireless MIDI devices using Bluetooth (LE) Low energy
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Akai Professional LPD8 Wireless - Bluetooth MIDI Pad Controller

Akai Professional LPK25 Wireless - USB-MIDI Controller with Bluetooth

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