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Offline gumtown

Been tinkering with the GR-55 and trying to devise a way to have less tone dropout on patch change.
A better way, rather than patch changing, is to have the GR-55 remain itself on the same patch, and have
new patch data loaded into the GR-55.
This method has an almost seamless change.
So I present
"GR-55 PATCH LOADER" software,
a midi controlled patch file backup/bundle loader.
Where you plug in an external midi foot controller (or any midi patch change device),
make a patch backup file of your GR-55 (only the first 128 patches are accessed), and load the file into the software,
select your midi input and output devices, and away you go....

there is one for windows, one for mac Sierra, and one for Linux Ubuntu 64.
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Re: GR-55 Patch Loader - a midi patch file loading software
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Is this strictly a GUI application?  Would be great to run it headless in the background on RaspberryPi or Beaglebone.

Offline gumtown

Should be able to run it headless once you have initially used a monitor to setup the patch file bundle and the midi I/O ports settings.
These are saved to a preferences file and when the software is run next time, the patch file and midi settings are restored on start up.
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