Author Topic: GP-10 - Our Manager Insists We Get All Patches Off the Lot Now! (DistantPipe)  (Read 283 times)

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Online Rhcole

This is the absolute LAST of our batch of patches, and its sure to be a collectible some day! Stock up on this while supplies last!
"DistantPipe"- all we can tell you is that if DistantFrHorn sounds like a French Horn at 50 yards, this sounds more like a pipe from 3 miles away! Through a Methane atmoshphere!
-How can you POSSIBLY go wrong with that??

...and we want you to know it's been a real pleasure doing business with all you good people here at *Rhcole's Patch Emporium* but we do have to insist-


Offline roachone

LoL... You have a good sense of humor! Nice sound