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I recently loaded Tone Central on my MacBook to use with my GT-100 ver 2.  I have all the latest drivers installed and everything appears to work perfectly, except for one little thing.  In the Tone Central console, I can only access the permanent "P-##" patches from the GT-100.  I cannot figure out how to view the user editable "U-##" patches.  The instruction manual shows the "U" patches viewable from the start and makes no mention of this issue.  I can import new patches from Tone Central and save them using the Librarian and then play them through the GT-100, but I can't copy them into a patch on the GT-100 since I can't access the user patches and the "P" patches cannot be overwritten. For the same reason, I can edit the GT-100 patches in the console, but I can't save any of those edits back to the GT-100.  Anybody have any idea what I'm doing wrong here?  How do I view the user defined patches in the Tone Central console?
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What version OS in in your Macbook?

Roland / Boss acknowledge that current Boss Tone Studio is not working well with current macOS Sierra 10.12

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I noticed that while I was trouble shooting.  But seeing as how the application does run and everything else about it appears to work as it should, I assumed they had fixed the compatibility issues.  Do you have any insight as to when a fully compatible version might be available?

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On February 9th I emailed Boss Support on this issue and got back this in reply:

Hey Steve,

Sorry for any inconvenience.
At this point, here in Product Support for Roland US, we have not yet received a timeline for the release of the update from our partners in Roland Japan.

Kind regards,

Roland Product Support

It's been now another month with no resolution.  Don't count on it getting fixed anytime soon

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True, and why its a tough time to buy "new" computers for serious audio work, and we are only 6 months away from the next "clobbered" version of macOS , that will surely be here late September 2017

on my Mac's I stick with OSX 10.10 Yosemite 
Computers I use that work are detailed here:
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I'm a software developer myself, so I tend to be pretty understanding about this stuff, but an approximate timeline would be awfully helpful considering how people have become so dependent on the technology.  After all, it is key to Roland's continued success.  Are you Roland folks in Japan listening???  Kudasai?  Well, at least they are working on it.  As for my MacBook, in addition to being brand new, it's just common sense to get all the latest updates installed before loading up software, so I guess it was doomed to fail.

On the bright side, everything in Tone Central does appear to work properly with the exception of accessing the user defined patches.  I can load patches from the library and play them through the GT-100 and record it on the MacBook.  I just can't save the patches to the GT-100.  At worst, if I had to, I could make note of all the patch settings and then enter them manually.  Let's hope I don't get that desperate.

Thanks for the input everybody.

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Since you have a GT-100 (hopefully upgraded to Version 2 firmware) , know you can skip Boss Tone Central and use

Gumtowns GT-100FxFloorBoard editor software for OSX instead
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BOSS TONE STUDIO  - BUG FIX  / MacOS 10.12 compatible
Support for macOS Sierra (10.12) was added.
Bug Fixes
The following bugs were fixed.
Unintended patch data sometimes being sent during a patch-selection operation was corrected.
The values of ASSIGN 4-8 settings are not correctly sent to the unit from LIBRARIAN.
Some keyboard operations failing to work properly was corrected.
Other modification to the behavior of the user interface were made.

BTS for GT-100 (WIN)

BTS for GT-100 (MacOS 10.12 compatible)

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What remarkable timing!  I post my first issue to this forum and the programmers at Roland rush to put out a fix just one day later.  Such power I have!  And they laughed at me when I spent all that money on Jedi mind control lessons. 

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Whatever you are doing - keep up the good work ;)