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Having just bought a used VG-99 that comes with the RMC filter fitted, I wasn't sure whether it was appropriate for use with my GK2A-equipped Strat. It occurred to email Richard McClish at RMC to find out. I was very impressed to receive a detailed response the same day (a Sunday to boot). On the strength of his reply, I'll happily leave the RMC filter in place. Although I haven't asked Richard's permission to do this, I hope he won't mind if I post his reply here as it is not only informative to present and future users of VG-99 but also a shining example of excellent customer service -

Well noted that you have a VG-99 retro-fitted with a V9SF-001.

Please note that the V9SF-001 is still being manufactured and is currently in stock. Its popularity hasn't faded since there is a large number of used VG-99s being sold on the used equipment market and many guitarists want good performance with both types of polyphonic drivers (i.e. GK and piezo).

Well noted that you're using a VG-99 with a GK-equipped electric guitar.

Since you're not using piezo-based drivers, the subsonic filtering will not change the tracking results much, since the GK drivers suffer mostly from string-to-string (audio-frequency) crosstalk (resulting from a mutual- induction phenomenon of adjacent magnetized strings in motion) rather than subsonic frequency generation (in response to force variations resulting from string-tension changes).

That being said, the subsonic filtering will help the tracking performance of the GK pickup especially if you have a regular strat-style tremolo bridge and work it hard, since large and sudden bridge movements will produce some subsonic wave components which should be removed for best effect.

In any case, there is no deterioration of the tracking performance with GK-equipped instruments whether it has a tremolo or hardtail bridge.

I hope the information provided will be helpful. If you have any further questions about RMC products, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,

RMC  Richard McClish

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Re: RMC V9SF-001 - VG-99 Internal Subsonic Filter board with GK pickup
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interesting , I still have one of those in its original bag, life and things, I never got around to installing it and have since sold the VG-99