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GT-100 - Quick save help
« on: January 09, 2017, 01:15:52 PM »
Kind of a noob, here on this topic. Looked for vids, have yet to find so..
Can anyone illuminate me on how to use the FX Quick Save function?  IIRC, this lets you save your favorite(s) set ups of pitch, delay, chorus, etc.,  and be able to 'quickly' insert them into a patch I'm building, which is an awesome capability.

So while I've been able to save them (there are 10 slots for each FX), I'm not sure how to save it into a patch.
i.e.  I LOVE the dual pitch detune for lead (+10 cents, -10cents) So I did a quick save. Now, how do I drop it into my new patch?

Thank you in advance.
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Re: GT-100 - Quick save help
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If you are new to guitar effects and don’t necessarily know how to dial up a phaser or a flanger, here’s a quick tip to access some pedal effect specific presets that exist in the Quick User Settings of the EFFECT button.
Push the [EFFECT] button.
In the left LCD screen, turn the [SELECT] knob to highlight the FX1 icon, if it is off, use the [ON/OFF] knob to turn the effect on.
Turn the [TYPE] knob and dial up the PHASER.
Push the [PAGE] left button until you get to the “Quick User Setting”.
Turn the [QUICK SETTING] knob to the right until you get to P01: VINTAGE PH.  This is a preset for a classic vintage phaser.
Dial through P01-P05 to hear some different phaser specific effects presets.
You may have noticed as you were turning the [QUICK SETTING] knob that there were also slots U01-U10.  These are where you can save your personal phaser settings for quick recall in other patch presets.
For more information:
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Re: GT-100 - Quick save help
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Dude, thats the shizzle, thanks!!