Author Topic: Trying to convert ME-25 "Guitar Instructors"/"Rock Classics" patches to GT-100  (Read 671 times)

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Offline crillev

I've tried to convert some of the patches on the "Guitar Instructor" collections 1-3 and Rock Classics by loading the ME-25 Tone Studio patches into the GT-100 Fx Floorboard.
The thing is that when I load a ME-25 *.tsl patch into FX Floorboard, I get three (3) alternatives for each patch to choose from.

I have managed to import all three versions of i.e. "Red House" and saved them in GT-100 *.tsl format.
They all seem all little bit different when you look at the parameter settings.
Is any one of them the correct patch or should they be combined in some way, or .....?

It's really a pity that the "Guitar Instructor" and "Rock Classics" collections haven't been translated to GT-100 yet.
/ Chris from Sweden
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Offline gumtown

GT-100FxFloorBoard was never designed to load ME-25 patches, it is only by pure luck the editor is able to read the ME-25 Tone Studio patch files.
ME-25 parameters are not compatible with the GT-100, there is no direct match in parameters.
The Amp types are different, and the ME-25 only has bass, treble, mid, and tone controls for the tone EQing.
There is not much comparison between the ME-25 basic effects parameters and the GT-100 comprehensive feature set.
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Offline crillev

@ Gumtown,
OK, thanks, then I know that I shouldn't spend more time on this for the moment.
Maybe I should just start playing with what I have instead? ;-))
/ Chris