Akai unleash wireless Bluetooth MIDI controllers

Started by Elantric, December 02, 2016, 09:35:11 AM

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Akai unleash wireless Bluetooth MIDI controllers
Published 23/11/16
Live free of cable clutter with L-Series keyboard and pad controllers
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Studio stalwarts Akai have introduced two new Bluetooth wireless controllers designed for untethered performance and mobile production, in the shape of the LPD8 Wireless and the LPK25 Wireless.

The former features eight backlit, velocity-sensitive drum pads which can either send note or program changes, six user interface buttons and eight assignable pots for delivering a range of performance options and control. There's also a newly added 'Full Level' button — a useful feature employed on the company's MPC and MPD range — which guarantees pad performances are loud, clear and at an equal velocity, when consistent volume is a must. In addition, the LPD8 Wireless sports a Note Repeat button, which will be a welcome addition for the dance music performer who loves creating build-ups before a drop. Control is also afforded over Swing and Time Division parameters.

The LPK25 Wireless, meanwhile, is a portable 25-key Bluetooth MIDI keyboard that allows players to control their plug-in instruments from anywhere in the room. This lightweight controller is centred around a 25-note mini-keybed with octave-up and octave-down buttons that ensure players have quick access to the note range they want. An arpeggiator mode with tap tempo button can turn chords into exciting and complex musical phrases, and a sustain pedal input allows additional control over every chord, riff and run.

Both of the new controllers have four programmable memory banks, and manage to eliminate the chances of tripping over cables by being battery-powered and by supporting Bluetooth MIDI on iOS and Mac OS X. That said, both of the new controllers can also be connected to a Mac or PC (and powered) via USB. Operation in this scenario is fully plug-and-play with no drivers to worry about. Both devices come with editing software for Mac and PC as well, making it possible to change controller assignments and more.

The LPK25 and LPD8 will be available imminently and each will cost £69.99/£99.99.


Very Good! I have a LPD8 (USB) and it's great. Even better with no wires.
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Does this work with the sy1000 ? or can you connect with a guitar to make piano \ trigger piano sounds ?


Quote from: solo624 on December 10, 2023, 07:14:52 AMDoes this work with the sy1000 ? or can you connect with a guitar to make piano \ trigger piano sounds ?
For wireless Bluetooth midi controllers to work with the SY-1000, the SY-1000 will need a Bluetooth to midi adapter unit added to the SY-1000.
The SY-1000 does not produce midi note sounds, the SY-1000 works by effecting the analog signal from the guitar strings.
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Gumtown , Always appreciate your input , i have to admit im not necessarily concerned with the bluetooth at this time. i just want to make sure that mini midi pianos will be able to trigger its midi command through the sy1000 to produce a piano sound as needed. Please review the video. I honestly dont see anyone doing this and Im not skilled yet in midi commands . I posted on the Sy1000 Facebook question, an people recommand and M-Audio module controller or GI 20 to do similar . I dont know if a controller is needed or I can use the mini midi piano to create this or it not possislbe through the mini piano. I posted a device that looks possible below. Hopefully this makes sense.


This is Kenneth Russell midi using the GR55.

This is the type of mini keyboard midi with 5 pin out the back

M-Audio AXIOM 25 Semi-Weighted USB MIDI Keyboard


Not sure what exactly you want to achieve.

The SY-1000 has no PCM sampled synth sounds in it (no piano sounds).

A Midi controller keyboard has no sounds built in it, it only sends midi control data to a midi tone generator device, like a midi Sound Module, sampler device, or midi sound computer software.

A SY-1000 can also send midi note controller data out to a midi tone generator device.
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