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VB-99 - Roland VB-99 Editor
« on: October 27, 2016, 12:58:48 PM »
The Roland VB-99 V-Bass System remains among the most misunderstood Roland GK products

When Roland introduced the original V-Bass System, serious bass players worldwide took notice. Now, we are proud to introduce the VB-99 V-Bass, which delivers three times the sonic firepower of the original model! Based on an all-new custom processing engine and 10 years of research and development, the VB-99 serves up a wide range of inspiring new COSM bass and amplifier models, powerful polyphonic effects, new string modeling technology, dual independent signal paths for blending sounds, and new controllers. It also features a host of thoughtful improvements that bassists demanded, such as bass–to-MIDI converters, streaming audio via USB, and much more.

Most advanced bass processor ever
Dozens of COSM instrument models, including coveted vintage and modern basses, amps, synth basses, effects and even electric guitars
Converts bass to MIDI and streams audio via USB audio sources
Dual independent stereo signal paths can be layered or switched: allows two different virtual sounds at the same time
Allows users to play polyphonic synth bass sounds without tracking issues
Table-top configuration, rack mountable, or stand mountable
Stereo XLR, stereo 1/4", MIDI, SP/DIF and USB outputs
Advanced new real-time controllers: D Beam, ribbon and V-Link


 the Roland VB-99 Editor  runs without owning the VB-99  - and this is a swift method to determine all the capabilities and secrets of the VB-99 V-Bass system

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