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Started by Infi-del, May 16, 2016, 11:14:14 AM

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I have a Roland JC-120 Amp. But I am running it through a Marshall 4X12 cab with Celestion V30's and T75's. Sounds amazing for a regular electric guitar but as you can guess it doesn't get me there with my Roland GR-55 and Antares ATG-1 boards. So I am gonna tackle this a piece at a time. I'll get another amp if I need to. But first I'd like like to try and tackle the cab and play with pre-amps since the JC-120 is so stinkin clean and powerful. I'm really thinking the cab is the limiting factor here.

I don't think there are 12s that will go from 50-20K... So I'm looking at a whole new cab. What suggestions are there for this. I know this is the Amp section... but I didn't see a Cab section. So I figured this went here. I don't gig currently. Doesn't mean I won't. But I know I won't gig for a living so weight isn't that big a deal. I might play the occasional once a month gig locally. So I don't mind lugging a big cab and the Roland around.

I've been considering buying a Roland KC-880 but I'm not sure it would be well suited to distortion tones (Via pedal) when called upon.
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Or at the very least... what are thoughts of running it through two PA Speakers? Like a pair of JBL full range DJ speakers with a 15" and Horn? Something with a Frequency response of 50 to 20K?

I'm seriously thinking about just buying a Roland KC-880.
My ebay user name is Doom_Enterprises you can see my feedback here...



Steve Levin, a producer working on top artists such as Culture Club, The Clash and The Beach Boys, talks about how the Jazz Chorus JC-120 works. Click here for a special site of jazz chorus that has been loved for 40 years!



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