MorningStar MC6 Compact MIDI Controller

Started by Elantric, May 11, 2016, 10:47:10 AM

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Quotemetropolis_4 said: ↑
Are you sure the MC6 is capable of sending both a CC and a PC message in a single button press?

It looks solid, but the documentation was a little unclear about exactly how those 16 messages can be assigned to the 6 footswitches
Yes -- I just programmed mine to send PC# to select profile/rig and a CC to turn on a stomp in my Kemper profiler, both in response to the same button press.

Each preset (effectively each button) can send 16 messages.

On the editor each of the 16 messages within a given preset allows you to select (1) what action sends the message (single tap, double tap, release of first tap, long press, etc.), (2) what kind of message is sent, (3) the PC or CC#, the CC value, and channel. You can have as many of those messages set to send on single tap as you'd like.

The whole loads of action types kind of gimmicky, but might find use in very certain scenarios, I guess. The ability to send one message on press and a second message on release would allow you to set up effect on/off in a press-and-hold, rather than latching mode which might be useful. The double tap is kind of dumb because when you double tap it still sends the message you have assigned to a single tap. Same as long press. I think that part is what confuses the situation.





Glad for the USB to 5-pin MIDI through. Have been using the old MC6 MK I box because I couldn't get the MK II to do that.

Switch reading algorithm and bug fixes ... occasionally would get a few weird patch changes or such. Would be good to get such eliminated.
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Loving their new MC8. The larger display gives a lot more feedback, and the two additional switches reduce the need for bank switching more than you'd think.


Kevin M

They really keep raising the bar with their MIDI foot switches!


Their stuff is rock solid and always moving forward.

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