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Hi, I have just finished installing a GK3 kit and a sustainiac pickup into a Monterey Gibson SG copy.

I play everything through my 13pin GK3/GR55 interface therefore I need to have a reliable connection. To this end I have made a belt box for all my interfaces including in ear foldback. (I have posted on this forum on this and my custom GR55 midi foot switch). The cable back to my foot pedal is a 15 core HDMI cable connected to 15 pin sub Ds.

The problem with the GK3 kit is that  the 13pin connector sticks out at right angle to the guitar and is prone to damage. I not that some people have replaced this connector with a more robust military grade connector for this reason.
I have included pictures of the installation showing how I have made what I consider a "gig proof" installation.

The holder for the connector has been heat formed (using a hot air gun) from plastic into a U shape and then bored out to snugly fit the connector. This is then screwed onto the socket and it holds the plug securely. I have done the same thing on my belt box. A good source of plastic is the white plastic pipe used by plumbers for storm water or sink drainage.  Just cut of a piece and slit it then heat bend it around a shaped piece of wood. Set the heat gun to around 250deg C.

For those who saw my first version of this post and the pictures didn't work here is the next version with Google Share activated. Tested in another browser and seems to work

Pic 1 Guitar back with connector

Connector picture

Guitar front

Belt pack


The picture shows the sustainiac board also installed. I see that some people seem to have problems with the GK3 and the sustainiac combination. I have left off the GK3 mix switch so have it permanently in mix mode. If I only want the guitar PU I wind down the GK3 volume and vica versa if I only want the GK3. I never use the S1 and S2 switches so have left these off also. Everything works with no problem.

With the sustainiac I only have a toggle for sustain on/off and a 3 position toggle for mode. The guitar installation has 3 pots (vol, master tone and GK3 volume) plus two toggles. As I don't have a 1/4 TRS connector I use a push pull switch on the volume to turn on the sustainiac power and push a cardboard OFF sign under this to remind me that I have turned it off. I also don't have a sustainiac drive pot as I want the feedback on hard when using it. This installation requires no extra holes to be drilled in the front of the guitar as there were four pots and the 1/4 input this hole being used for one of the toggles.

I replaced the GK3 power LED with a small green LED and fitted into the screw whole of one of the scratch plate screws which I left out. Fortunately this screw was positioned over the guitar pot cavity so this was really easy. I glued in the LED with some hot glue.

Hope this has been usefull
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Looking forward to seeing pics

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