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Learn DSP Code

Jerry Kelley US Air Force VG-99 World Tour Rig

Japan links

Norwegian DIY Gearhead - Boxcutter

Gibson Dark Fire & New High Tech Guitar trends



Tube Gear
AK (and AA) member Tom Bavis' site
The One Electron (transformer mfgr) site
Triode Electronics (formerly "Uncle Ned's" place)
"BAMA" (the Boat Anchor Manual Archive)

excellent advice

The Gear Page


Guitar rewireing site

V-Guitar System Forum Youtube Channel

Roland Germany - Sounds of Heroes home page


Early VG-99 adopter in Netherlands

GM ARTS - Good Guitar Rig Info

RMC FanOut Box

GR300 hacks and mods

Ghost Hexpander Installation_JimBobWan

HarBal Spectrum Analysis Software - audio tweakers tool use this to nail that tone

Inside the VG-99

Installing Piezo RMC Polydrive in Ibanez JEM Edgepro bridge

Mooncains links - Good VG Related links

PROIX - Japan GK / VG Custom hardware

Reaper Audio

Roland FC-300 Owner's Manual

Roland GR / GK Specs, FAQs, etc.

Roland Japan VG=99 updates! - Fresh Roland V Guitar/GK update source - check daily!

Roland UK Owners Manuals FTP - Roland Owners manuals - 30 years worth!

Roland UK VG-99 Homepage

Roland US Support Contact Link
Create a user account and submit your issue.

Roland USA VG-99 Demo videos

Roland VG-99 User Review

RolandUS VG-99 Knowledge Base

The MIDI Guitar Page - Joel B. Christian

TheStompbox VG-99 Thread

Unfretted Guitar -VG-99 Links and Patches

VG-8 Yahoo Group - mix of VG-8,VG-88, VG-99 info
Oldest group - heavily moderated,no ability to upload / share files or VG-99 Patches.

VG-88 MIDI Implementation
Typical Roland MIDI doc - some info may apply to VG-99 too.

VG-99 Enhancements wish list

VG-99 Video

VG-99 Wiki

Eddie's MIDI Glossary

Boss Recorder BR Explorer

Axom Guitar to MIDI Forum

Akai DPS24 resources
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Re: Links
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wow! great list! these links are very useful, a great help for me. thanks for sharing

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Re: Links
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You may also find informations and and a VG99 users forum in French here :

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Re: Links
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Good source of Audio Cables:

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Re: Links
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So many links!!! ;D Don't know where to start ;D

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Re: Links
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Re: Links
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Good Electric Guitar DIY Links

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Re: Links
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Dan Erlewine's  Free Trade Secrets Luthier NewsLetter!

Subscribers get problem-solving tips, helpful how-to articles, and first dibs on exciting new product releases. Each issue is fun and informative, with closeup photos of some of the coolest instruments and tricky repair challenges that come through my shop.

I'm also lucky to have guests like Stewart-MacDonald's master mandolin builder Don MacRostie, our tech-support wizard Erick Coleman, and a host of other colleagues helping me bring this newsletter to you every other week. You won't be disappointed.

So consider yourself invited!

And don't worry, we won't fill your inbox with a bunch of spam. Our privacy policy is simple: we keep your e-mail address private, and don't share it with anyone else.

Dan Erlewine
Trade Secrets Editor

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New site worth checking out
ABOUT GUITAR MODERNE [pronounced: modairn]

Guitar Moderne is a gathering place for musicians and fans interested in the outer reaches of the guitar’s creative potential.


An international community of players is experimenting with loopers, computers, plugins, extended techniques, weird and wonderful effects, to the delight of a growing number of fans. Guitar Moderne will generate, gather and curate articles, audio, video, and news about guitarists and gear oriented toward the future of the instrument .


Guitar Moderne offers extensive coverage of the world-wide explosion of avant, experimental, and unusual players, as they discuss their approach to this classic combination of metal and wood. Here too, you will find articles and reviews covering combining computer with guitar and the world of plugins that this opens up, as well as news about the more extreme pedals available.

Guitar Moderne is not genre specific; it covers forward-thinking players of any  musical style: jazz, experimental, classical, blues, rock, metal, etc. Guitarists and fans from every continent can converge here to learn about the many directions this versatile instrument is taking and the gear being used for the journey.


If you are a “moderne” guitarist, or a fan of a guitarist who is breaking new ground on the instrument, please let us know.


Guitar Moderne is curated by Michael Ross. Ross is a guitarist, producer, and writer. He contributes to Guitar Player and Premier Guitar, and is the author of Getting Great Guitar Sounds, All About Effects, Great Guitar Tone with IK Multimedia AmpliTube: The Official Guide, and other books. He has produced and toured with blues artist James Armstrong, as well as touring and recording with folk-legend Eric Andersen. He performs his own electronica based guitar music as prehab.

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Re: Links
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Music magazine from Roland and BOSS - two of the world's leading brands of musical instruments, guitar effects, guitar amplifiers, tuners, guitar synthesizers, and more. Featuring video and audio demonstrations of the latest music-related products as well as interviews with artists and features on guitar tone, effects usage, live performance, and music gear application.

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Re: Links
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Nice free online Music Calculator
"11 sample calculators © JC Lemay "

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Re: Links
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Re: Links
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The King of Gear;

a website about Radiohead's Gear

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Re: Links
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Re: Links
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Thx again Elantric, didn't know about that archival resource!

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Re: Links
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Online admsustainiac

Re: Links
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Fall 2013 MCM Electronics Full Catalog

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Re: Links
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The Hardware Book.
 Internet's largest free collection of connector pinouts and cable descriptions.

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Re: Links
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Some great old Hollywood stories of old Vinyl LP artists, Photographers and musicians

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Re: Links
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Re: Links
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The medical world has been revolutionized by technology again and again, yet even the smallest advancement is still able to surprise and delight us. National Geographic has drawn our attention to one app that provides the blind with an aural alternative to vision. EyeMusic SSD (sensory substitution device), an app for iOS devices, captures shapes in the environment and translates them into what the developers call a “Soundscape” through musical notes.

Visually impaired individuals with the app will be able to plug in headphones, hold their phones up in front of them and allow the camera to translate the image into sound, but it takes some training to learn how to “read” the music. For example, a smile might be heard as “a string of high notes descending and then ascending again,” while a frown would be the opposite. If you want to give the app a try yourself, it’s free to download on the App Store.

Online admsustainiac

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Re: Links
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killall -9 humans
a blog on effects

former linux enthusiast (nowadays just a hobbyist) turned analog audio electronics enthusiast. pedal builder and collector. loves his missus, dog and a few other things in his life - like good punk rock, good food and tons of good beer. but only if the beer doesn't happen too often.

Found an error? One of my assumptions is dead wrong? Something else is just not right? Let me know! Leave a comment to a post, or drop a line to mirosol at kapsi dot fi.

I do mods, repairs and custom builds too. For inquiries, use the email address above.

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