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Started by Elantric, June 04, 2009, 03:12:31 PM

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I encourage anyone who finds VGuitarForums a valuable resource to  shoot a paypal donation here:

Click Here to Support VGuitarForums

we appreciate it!


Story of VGuitar Forums


Worked for me.
My albums done with modeling/guitar synth at

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I really appreciate all the recent donations to support our Forum!

Thank You!


Done. You deserve sooo much more, but will send more when I can. Thanks for everything!!


bump !!

Easy process,
just log into your paypal account,
click on 'send money'
and enter this
digitar55 (at) yahoo (dot) com    
just remember to replace the (at) with @ and replace (dot) with .
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Is this still the proper way to send donations to support the site?  I apoligize in advance if this is a stupid question, I am a NUB, but I find this site valuble and want to help.


QuoteIs this still the proper way to send donations to support the site? 

Yes - any contribution is appreciated - Thanks for asking.


I'd love to donate, but I don't do PayPal.

Any other way?





I would like to contribute.
Is the Paypal handle still the correct one to use?


Donation sent. Thanks, Elantric, for all you do to help so many! ;D


Thank You!

I appreciate all the contributors who help support the costs to run this site.
Paypal works

digitar55 (at) yahoo (dot) com   
just remember to replace the (at) with @ and replace (dot) with .


Donation sent.Thanks for all the help and support and for keeping this excellent site running.


Donation happily sent - this forum is great.


If there was a PayPal form for that took credit/debit like gumtown links to in the Floorboard HELP menu I could, but otherwise PayPal has me locked out of my account and I don't plan on fighting any more with them to reopen it.



Thanks for keeping it up, this is the best guitar site on the .net

And if You don't mind Me saying so...
I urge all future supporters,
If you don't have Your own PayPal account, get one setup, it's easy.
and send some loose change to digitar55(at)yahoo(dot)com (site admin) via Your PayPal account to help keep the wheels oiled and turning on this awesum site.

a bit of busking loose change,
that next packet of cigarettes or box of donuts you don't need,
spare change from the bottom of the washing machine,
the donation you forgot in the Sunday service plate.

If You are feeling charitable, have a spare bit of dosh, send it to digitar55 and support this site !!

Free "GR-55 FloorBoard" editor software from


Guilty as charged I am, putting down the doughnut and clicking send.
Ahhhh. That feels a bit better now:)
And it took less than a minute to do, too.
Thanks for the ping. Been meaning to do that for a while now.
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Hi Elantric,

This is definitely the best site there is. The info available here is priceless.
Thanks to you and the other mods for doing such a great job!

I prefer not to use PayPal as well. Would you please send me the alternative donation info?




just reminded me I haven't sent any support in awhile. I find this site invaluable and it has saved me a lot of money,time and aggravation.


Listen to my music at :


Thanks to everyone who has helped keep the lights on here!


Me too! meant to do it a month ago. Thanks to Elantric and all the mods for keeping this wonderful forum going. Paul