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ATG TouchOSC Editor
« on: January 21, 2016, 11:25:25 AM »

Sacco wrote>

I've programmed a TouchOSC preset to use with the ATG since the other mobile program antares advertise is only for IOS and I have an android tablet.

You'll need way to connect the touchOSC bridge (midi port) to your interface port connected to your ATG guitar.

I'm using "Bome MIDI translator pro" for that and a very simple preset that routes the signal from the OSC bridge to my MIDI interface.

Here are the needed files, enjoy :D

So the setup is like this:

1) Get TouchOSC in your mobile device, get the TouchOSC editor and also get the TouchOSC bridge for your PC

2) Get Bome MIDI translator

3) Load TouchOSC in your device

4) Load TouchOSC editor and open my ATG preset

5) From the editor prompt to "sync" and go to your device settings to retrieve the layout form the editor.

6) Once the layout is in the device you can close the editor

7) Open MIDI translator pro and open my preset. Make sure TouchOSC is routed to your desired MIDI interface (look in the menu for ports routing)

8 ) Everything should be you can control your ATG using TouchOSC in your device.