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Antares ATG Utility Update
« on: January 05, 2016, 04:27:59 PM »

For all ATG users who have downloaded the
ATG Utility Applications previously...

Auto-Tune for Guitar has released a critical update for the ATG Utility Applications.

The following issues have been resolved:

ATG Software Manager v1.1.0 (Formerly ATG Software Manager v1.0.0)

Logging was added to enhance troubleshooting ability for our technical support team.
ATG Settings Manager v2.1.0 (Formerly ATG Settings Manager v2.0.0)

Piezo settings are now working properly.
Preset Names with Non-English characters were causing errors and are no longer allowed.
To review in detail what has been addressed, please click here.

Download and install the Critical Update
for your OS (Mac/PC) immediately
using the appropriate link below:
(Version 10.9.5 and later)
(7 or later)
For all ATG users who have not yet downloaded the
ATG Utility Applications yet...

The new ATG Utility Applications give both Mac and PC users full access to and control of all the power, flexibility, and features available on their ATG-1, ATG Custom Kit equipped guitar, or Peavey®. AT-200. This includes transferring Software Feature Packs, editing Global Presets, and creating, editing, and storing Presets.

Best of all...the ATG Utility Applications are available free of charge!

If you own an ATG Device, don't hesitate to download the ATG Utility Applications now!!

If you're interested in buying an ATG device, review our awesome Auto-Tune for Guitar products here.

Please Note: ATG Software Manager requires an ATG Account.

If you do not have one, please set one up here.