Looking For A Joness GK Expander

Started by Lefty, September 15, 2015, 12:11:11 PM

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Does anyone know where I can pick up one of these (or something similar)? I just picked up a GR55 and would like to use it's amp modeling/effects with my normal 1/4" guitars as well.




Review the alternatives here:


There are DIY solutions

And if you have a Roland US-20 I can add a Guitar Input for the 13 pin feed into GR-55, without drilling holes in the GR-55.


Another option is my new GKFX-21 filter as it has a regular input jack with volume control. The fact it is a subsonic filter does not harm assuming you have not mounted the GK upside down or play bass. However not the cheapest solution $120 + shipping (GK cable included). Also allows a powered FS-6 or FS-7 to be connected for external S1/S2 control. GP-10 Yellow metallic paint.

Email: sound@primova.se

But I got more gear than I need...and I like it!


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Old post but I have a mint Joness gk expander $350.
Went key based synth and just have no need for it.