Wheres the 32 bit Triple Play DLL?

Started by cj31387, August 22, 2015, 06:57:26 PM

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I have FL Studio 12 64 Bit open but most of my VSTi's are 32 bit so they dont show up in the 64 bit dll of triple play when i scan. Where can i find the 32 bit DLL. 99% of my synths are 32 bit I'd rather use the 32 bit Triple Play.dll but don't know where it is.


Problem solved i just set the plugin to be 32 bit in FL like this https://www.dropbox.com/s/s3rutrkl3jernh8/2015-08-22_20-12-25.png?dl=0


Do you have the download? I could use it soon


Hi every ones
 I manage now to open my triple play into FL studio after some hard times , and  I feel as someone said in a forum thats latency of  my TPP is better this way ....But  .. impossible now to use the inboard FTP controller,
 so no volume and patches changes .
I tried I think every settings I could  but   no way (What a frustration ), I only can  control volume and patches  using the mousse .
 Is any one knows something  about this and can help   ?
Or this  is normal   ??


Brent Flash