Author Topic: GK to 1/4 inch analog signal for a GK only guitar with no "normal" pickups  (Read 413 times)

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Offline rmelancon

So this would be a little different than the discussion about tapping the "normal guitar" signal in the GK to a 1/4 inch cable.  I just finished a GK only guitar, so no normal pickups just the GK.  Now they come out with the SY-300 that works only off 1/4 inch so I'm trying to think how the GK could be used as a "normal" pickup.  Not only for the SY, but for any amp, pedal etc.  I've seen the RMC breakout box and I'm wondering if you could just combine all the single string signals into one 1/4 inch out.  I like the simplicity and clean install of the single pickup, but having a bit of regret for not sticking a single humbucker in there.

Offline JolietJake

Not sure how that would sound. On the GR-55 when you adjust the string volume levels in GK settings you can hear the strings direct from the GK3. It sounds terrible.  :P