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Gumtown's GT-10b Factory Patch Set as TSL Liveset
« on: August 17, 2015, 12:44:22 PM »
        I hope Gumtown will not mind too much if I have taken the liberty of converting his GT-10b Factory Patch set into a GT-100 TSL Liveset. I did so by loading, auditioning and storing every single patch (yes, I know, but I'm on holiday, so what the heck!) into my GT-100 User Banks with Gumtown's own excellent Floorboard, then firing up Roland's Boss Tone Studio to back up my User Bank and finally export/save to computer.


1. I have not made any changes whatsoever to the original patches, except in a handful of cases where the volume pedal had been set to '0' and I changed this to '100'. It's worth mentioning that a number of these patches simply did not work at all, whatever I tried, and I put this down to compatability issues between the GT-10b and GT-100 (see below).

2. WARNING!!!: The following original patches will crash Floorboard every time you try to load them individually from the original GT-10b Bank;
Rave Pdl Flt, Stereo-Funk (BPM), Synchro-Drive, Motion Drive, Filt Slap & Warp, Dynamic Reverse, Whistle Synth, Dancin' w/Myself and Sequencer Circus.

3. It is a continuing annoyance that hardware/software manufacturers fervently believe that what we bass players (and guitarists, for that matter) REALLY yearn for is a load of weird FX/Synth patches that, I assure you, we will never, EVER use as long as there remains in the world a continuing supply of spotty-faced herberts who insist the only worthwhile bass lines come from a Korg!
To that end, I hope Gumtown will also not object to my providing an alternative version of his GT-10b Bank with all those, IMHO, annoying and unnecessary FX patches removed. Again, I have made no changes at all to the original patches. (This is the 'alt' attachment).

4. Finally (at last!) a question to satisfy my curiosity. As far as I can see from the manuals, the main amplifiers and speakers used in the GT-10b are completely different from those now used in the current version GT-100. So, unless there's something that Roland aren't telling us, my logic tells me that patches designed for the GT-10b should surely not work properly - except by accident - in the GT-100. Am I just being dumb, or is there something glaringly obvious I have overlooked here?