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Started by carlb, March 16, 2009, 10:39:47 AM

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The Amazon listing doesn't doesn't say that it's a car cable, it specifically says it's made for GK gear. One of the reviewers incorrectly says that it's a car cable. Most of the reviews seem favourable, but several have mentioned amongst other things higher noise levels than the Roland cable.


Always verify wiring of any GK13 cable with a multimeter prior to use

Else risk damage to your gear

It's happened


For us enconomically isolated Brits, do an excellent GK cable in 1M to 5M lengths.
No disrespect to them, but they call it a 13-pin MIDI cable - isn't that sweet?

A great cable for the price, and make sure you continuity test pins 1:1, 2:2, 3:3 etc before use - you don't want your GK gear to meet Bert :'(


Quote from: billbax on May 27, 2022, 08:40:10 PMFor us enconomically isolated Brits, do an excellent GK cable in 1M to 5M lengths.
I have two of their cables, far better quality than Roland. They are hand made by Mr & Mrs Cool, the shield is soldered not crimped.


Thanks. This one I've used live and made home recordings with. So far, no problems. If anything the cable is a little stiff so maybe not as durable as the Roland.
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Primova had the lowest noise out of any I've tried.



By: Godfrey Daniels Guitar Works
Availability: This item ships out to you from Godfrey Daniels Guitar Works. Sale price includes shipping within the continental USA. International shipping is extra.
The Anaconda Cable - For Synth equipped OBEL guitars

The original 12 ft Dual TRS/TS cable bundled with a 15ft 13-pin DIN cable in a larger Techflex FlexoPet sleeving. Options for Dual Cable (Right Angle Jacks for Pedal end, Pancake jacks and Silent jack for guitar side) are available for this one as well.

The Dual TRS/TS Cable consists of 2x 12′ Mogami Black Cables (1 TRS stereo & 1 TS mono) both with one straight and one rt angle Black Neutrix Plug (most popular configuration). Bundled in a FlexoPet expandable sleeve and secured with Double Layered Adhesive Lined Shrink Wrap for easy cable management and neat appearance.

The Dual TRS/TS OBEL Cable is made by Godfrey Daniels Guitar Works.


Greetings all. I'm a new member to the forum. I've recently picked up a Godin xtSA guitar. I've bought a used Boss GP-10, which I hope to receive in the next week or so. Now I'm searching around for good quality 13 pin GK cables.

I found this topic, which was last posted to in 2022. In reading here, and elsewhere on the web, it seems fairly universal that the Roland branded GK cables are not necessarily the best quality. Surprising to me given the usual quality of their other gear. And they aren't cheap either!

From what I've found so far, the names that are higher up on the list in terms of quality are cables from Primova, Gittler and Best-Tronics Pro Audio (BTPA).

I'd certainly appreciate feedback from all your experiences with cables. What's your favorite supplier? Have I missed a good one? Many thanks!


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Quote from: gumbo on February 13, 2024, 01:08:40 PMPrimova is the only one to consider....


I bought a few about 6 years ago.
One is my main cable that I use all the time at home, another is one that stays at practice, and I've got a couple of spares that I've never had to use because the first ones have been flawless.

Gitler makes good cables too, but they are noticeably more expensive.
The Roland cables are....not desirable.


Thanks Gumbo and HecticArt for your comments. You're sort of confirming what I was already learning from online reviews, but always good to get other opinions. Roland is the most expensive. From websites, doing a little quick comparison:

Roland GKC-5    15 feet    straight connectors only            $100
Primova          17 feet    variety of straight and angle      $30-52 plus $14.50 shipping
Gittler          18 feet    variety of straight and angle      $80-85 plus $8.95 shipping


One of the (as 'main') things to keep in your focus is the quality of the 13-pin jacks in each case....that's where problems can set in ...  a soldered Ground connection (rather than just crimped) is also essential in the long term.

Primova is a winner in these areas...

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