GP-10 - Boss FS-7 not functioning as ctl3 /ctl 4

Started by rocks_are_stupid, April 12, 2015, 12:19:08 PM

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Hello everyone, I love your forum and have lurked for a while.

Now that I have an issue, it led me to create an account and hopefully I'll be more active.
anyway, To the issue at hand:

to be more experimental with my gp-10, I've bought a boss fs-7. This is a footswitch made in the exact same design as the ones on the board.
To give an example of my problem, I assign FX on/off to ctl 3 and Delay on/off to ctl 4. When I use the footswitch only ctl 3 works. If I switch the output jack between slot A and B, then only ctl 4 works. I've tested the footswitch with other pedals and there are no faults, the problem only comes when I assign the gp-10 to use ctl3 and ctl 4

I hope I've been clear in explaining my problem.

Thanks in advance
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Boss GP-10 F.A.Q.

GP-10 assign  [toggle] + FS-7  [Latch] = double latching, pedal requires 2 presses to do one function (effect on/off)
GP-10 assign  [toggle] + FS-7  [Moment] = press once to toggle effect on/off, pedal led only lights while held down
GP-10 assign  [moment] + FS-7  [moment] = effect only on while pedal held down, pedal led only on while held down
GP-10 assign  [moment] + FS-7  [Latch] = press once to toggle effect on/off, pedal led toggles with effect status

And be sure you are using the supplied 1/4" TRS Cable with the FS-7


That's strange, I didn't receive a 1/4" TRS Cable with the FS-7.

they included a power cable which split in two but nothing compatible with a 1/4" jack

Also, I've tried every one of those combinations and in no situation do both switches work at the same time
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Avoid using a Mono 1/4" cable.

Get a TRS cable


Hey everyone! First time poster  8)

I've had the similar issues with my new FS-7 which I was hoping to assign to CTL 3 & 4. Both A and B seem to be mapped to only 3, can't get it to trigger 4 regardless of where I plug in. I'm buying a new TRS cable in case that's the issue, but aside from that I'm wondering if there are internal routing settings that I'm not understanding.



Must use a TRS cable, and early  FS-7  units had incorrect labeling

Connect TRS STEREO CABLE to the jack on the far right.


Thank you! The new TRS cable sorted it out, must've just been a bad cable. I appreciate the help and look forward to helping out on the forum.