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Does anybody else have this setup or a similar one with the older L.R. Baggs?  I would like to hear from others about your system settings and the like.  Lets start a dialogue on our experiences so far.
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The Rumor was the VG-99 - Original Firmware GK Piezo slot  was designed using that guitar.


QuoteThe music store offers me a LGX-SA AA but by adjusting the sensitivity of each string in the GR55 (EDIT / SYSTEM / GK SETTING / SEN), I realized that the 1st and 2nd string hexaphonic sensors were reversed ... c that is to say that when I pinch the first string, it is the meter of the 2nd string that reaches the highest level and, conversely, when I pinch the 2nd string it is the meter of the 1st string that goes up at the highest level.
Hence my first question: is this a real problem? and in what situation can it be embarrassing?

Sadly - that is a common Godin wiring fault/error on a few new examples  - ( maybe the guitar was assembled on a Friday afternoon, after the company party after the Fête nationale du Québec, June 25.)   

In the photo below, the RMC Piezo Saddle cable sequence on the Internal PCB Solder pads are: (Top to Bottom)

6  (low E string)
5  (A string)
4  (D string)
3  (G  string)
2  (B string)
1  (high E  string)

You (or your local Guitar Technician) will want to "swap" the positions of the two cables

Have your Dealer read repair details here

Godin / RMC Piezo factory mis-wiring issues

QuoteIn addition, the pearly inlay of the neck of the guitar that is proposed to me is in the 12th box while on the sites of internet sales, the incrustation on the current LGX-SA is in the 21st box...
Hence my second question: Would it be an unspoken model from a previous year and not the last model?

That varies with each year

Any Godin LGXT, LGX-SA, xtSA can be checked for the year here:
QuoteIn the early 1980s Robert Godin and friends set up shop to build replacement guitar necks and bodies  for the electric market. This led to guitars and the company now makes guitars in New Hampshire, USA and Quebec, Canada.

Serial number six (6) digits or less: email Godin it's serial number so they can look it up in their serial number lists.

If your guitar's serial number has 7 digits, the guitar was built in the 90's and only the 1st digit indicates the production year.

There are several different serial number schèmes for older models, so it's actually rather complicated.

Norman models that have a serial number with a B prefix were built between 1980 and 1988.

On post 1993 guitars, the serial number is engraved behind the headstock.

On pre 1993 guitars, the serial number is stamped on the sound hole label.

" Here's how you can decode our serial numbers :
first 2 digits : production year, 3rd and 4th digits : production week, 5th digit : production day (1=monday, 2=tuesday, etc...), last 3 digits : weekly production rank. Our production year begins on August 1st.

Example 1

A guitar with serial number 06053168 was built in September 2005, on a Wednesday, and it was the 168th guitar built during that production week.

To explain this further the above guitar is a 2006 model – the 2006 model year runs from 1 August 2005 to July 2006.  Because the year starts 1 August the 5th week of the year is September – hence September 2005.

Example 2

029396 is the product code for the S6 Cedar Original without electronics

0 indicates that the guitar is not a factory second (the 7th digit is a 9 on our factory seconds)

12633 indicates that your guitar was the 12633rd  S6 Cedar Original without electronics to be shipped since we switched to 12 digit serials in late 2007. Our 12 digit serial numbers provide no info on the production date.

The same dating system goes for Godin, Seagull, Norman, Simon&Patrick, Art&Lutherie and LaPatrie guitars.

[Source: Michel, Godin, email 23 Jan 2007 and update 21/6/2017]





QuoteIs the difference between an LGX-SA AA and LGX-SA AAA only aesthetic (quality of top varnish etc) or technical (neck and hooping more precise etc)?

Each guitar is an individual  - the AAA tops are the highest flame maple top  - but Ive seen a few "LGX-SA AA" that had equal tops  - either uses same finish

Most color difference in online pics are due to differences in the white balance of the unique camera employed for the specific pic

QuoteAnd finally, finally, the vibrato of the LGXT is it really stable and does not it influence the quality of the midi (accuracy of the notes)?

The LGXT tremolo uses a Godin badged Tremolo that employs Gotoh / Wilkinson 2 point pivot style - its not particularly the best type for staying in tune  - if you float the bridge to raise & lower the pitch  - it may produce a major rumble audio tone anytime you touch the bridge ( palm Mutes, etc)

and the stock  Godin Locking tuners are junk - I always replace with Planet waves Locking tuners   

I prefer a Godin LGX-SA - with a Bigsby style tremolo ( GFS Xtrem)  - better stability for the bridge, better guitar to MIDI  - less mistracking - but it will not do EVH dive bombs

Read the dedicated Godin LGXSA / LGXT thread


I am going to have to do some critical listening to the two different settings.  Where did you hear that?
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I recall a passing mention either from Paul Hanson (Roland), or  by Richard McClish from RMC.


Quote from: feloniouspunk on February 01, 2008, 08:04:33 AM
Does anybody else have this setup or a similar one with a Baggs?  I would like to hear from others about your system settings and the like.  Lets start a dialogue on our experiences so far.

I have an LGXT-SA w/LR Baggs and a Multiac ACS-SA. I've only had it a couple weeks so I'm still playing around with the setup. This is my first VG product; I've been using Roland pitch to midi converters since the GM-70 first came out. I like the COSM guitar models and I think this shows real promise for guitar synthesis, but it's too bad there is no LFO to control filters on the synth models.

Currently I have the string sensitivity pretty low - that's for the Pitch To Midi (PTM). I haven't spent much time with the PTM, but at this point I don't think this will replace my GR-33. If I give up on PTM then I may move up to the latest version of firmware - I'm using 1.03. I saw an issue reported with PTM for version 1.04 and don't have a copy of the 1.03 firmware - I don't want to go to 1.04 with known issues if I can't get back to 1.03.


This is my first foray into V guitar altogether, when you say pitch to midi (PTM) are you talking about guitar to midi (GTM).  I have spent a lot of time with this function triggering a whole bunch of soft synths.  Some track better than others.  I have used Reason 4, Live 5, absynth, and a bunch of NIs synths. So far I have had the best luck with Live 5, which actually tracked very well. Unfortunately, I only have the one synth that came with it. Oh well, I think I can buy more as add-ons but I am not sure.  Reason's nn-xt tracked ok, but I had to remove a few functions.  Mainly, I had to zero out the pitch bend amount because I couldnt stop the pitch wheel from receiving instructions to move.  Pretty annoying until I zeroed out the bend amount. Maybe you guys have some better ideas for me.  I have also done a few tests with sibelius 5, which btw, can be optimized for midi guitars.  Still, very disappointing. I was hoping to be able to score some things using the guitar.  So far, almost completly unusable.  Unless I was doing something wrong, I dont see being able to use it much in the future. I havent tried Logics scoring function yet, maybe tonight.  As for the Firmware update, I dont think there has been any change as far as GTM or issues as far as I know.  I would recommend upgrading because the upgrade was mainly for people with our pickup types.  Go for it!
Where did you see this issue reported?

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Yes, GTM. I tried driving a softsynth and that may not have been too bad - Rapture running inside Sonar. I also tried an external synth, a JP-8080, but I haven't spent much time trying to set up the VG-99 for GTM. I don't thin pitch bend messages on the GR-33 and softsynths and external synths & samplers all work fine. When I have a chance to play around some more I'll report back. Since I have a GR-33 the GTM isn't an issue for me, if the GR-33 ends up tracking better that's fine, it's just that it takes up floor space ;D

The issue on GTM was on the last forum, but I think the thread was copied over to this forum. See Bugs & Work arounds -> GK sensitivity settings.


I have been thinning pitch bend, but I dont see a whole lot of difference.  It seems I am still sending that message to some of the synths.  This is my first midi guitar so I am still experimenting. 
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Trying to decide between a Brian Moore 1.13 iguitar or a Godin LGXT -  And can't play any here in AZ :(

-- I loath the idea of buying one with out playing it first ....... anyway

What do you think of the LGXT ?

-- How is the wammy --- I have read that it has issues not resetting back to original position.
-- How does it play --- like a strat , Ibanez, or a LP  -- the neck feel




New user here with LGX-SA w/Baggs.  I have a pretty heavy right handed technique.  Can I just ask what your average settings are on the sensitivity front?  I'm down in the 17-23 range on each string and do not see any clipping in the meters per each string.  However, my output levels into Logic are really low (via the SPDIF digital out --- that I have maxed).  Do you have to adjust the sensitivity per each patch? 

Also, I am concerned about the synth tracking problems you guys are raising (the Guitar to Midi).  Is it really that bad or have you found some better work-arounds/settings?  I definitely bought my VG-99 to assist with triggering/scoring with soft synths in Logic (as opposed to having to learn how to play the keyboard).  While I did not expect perfection, I thought it would be close.  Curious to hear if you have anything new on any of the foregoing.  Thanks.  Mike


Quote from: Gatormike on February 13, 2008, 06:17:34 PM

New user here with LGX-SA w/Baggs.  I have a pretty heavy right handed technique.  Can I just ask what your average settings are on the sensitivity front?  I'm down in the 17-23 range on each string and do not see any clipping in the meters per each string.  However, my output levels into Logic are really low (via the SPDIF digital out --- that I have maxed).  Do you have to adjust the sensitivity per each patch? 

What are you hearing that makes you want to lower the sensitivity settings? 
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Same guitar as you. VG-99 into Logic, but went int throught USB. I also had recording levels that were relatively low, but I just insert a Gain in the channel strip in Logic to take care of the issue.


Thanks.  I'm not hearing anything that makes me want to lower the sensitivity settings.  I am just trying to follow the manual and I interpreted that you do not want the last little square on the meter (to the far right) to light up --- as I assumed doing so would make the digital signal clip.  I guess I should try to set it more "hot" and see what happens.  Still curious what ranges you are setting for each string on your Baggs (just the rough numbers).  Take it easy.  Mike


Mike - I'm not with my 99 and guitar right now. I'll check the string settings tonight and post them.


Mike, my settings are at the other end of the scale from yours. 1 through 6 on the GK setting menu show 78,83,90,86,87,96.


Thanks, Phil.  Wow, that's a huge difference. ???  Do you pick really lightly?  I hope to do some experimenting today and I'll see if I can take them hotter.  But I'm going to try to control some synths in Logic first with the settings where they are; I'll report back on the tracking if I can get it working. 

Chris, what are your sensitivity settings using your Godin w/ Baggs?  Thanks again.  Mike


My sensitivity settings are usually between 30 and 45 and I keep each string the same.  I am still experimenting. Obviously, how you attack the strings is a huge factor and my technique varies from patch to patch.  I think you can have up to 10 global sensitivity settings, so I am hoping to categorize all of my patches accordingly.
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Maybe I need to change my battery???  ???


Doh!!   :o I never even thought about the battery's affect, Phil.  Thanks for pointing that out as something I need to look at.  I thought that the transducers were powered through the 13-pin cable, and that the battery was just for the pre-amp on the "acoustic" piezo sound.  I'll do some research as I think I've got the manual stored somewhere on the LGX-SA (but it is pretty sparce and might not speak to this).  I'll definitely swap out the battery just in case.  Thanks, Man.

Chris, can you elaborate on the Global Settings concept or point me to the manual pages that discuss this?  So, you might have a setting for use of the COSM guitar models (hot sensitivity across all strings) and another for Guitar to Midi input and another for acoustic models, etc.???  I'd like to experiment with that too.  You would then pull setting into any user-defined patches you create as well? 

Sorry to pepper you with questions, but this thread is great for us LGX-SA Baggs users.  Thanks for starting it.  Mike


Hello all. I'm a fairly new owner of the VG-99 and love it so far!  I am considering purchasing a Godin LGX-SA guitar and would like to know what you current owners like and dislike about the LGX-SA. 

How is the tracking in the COSMOS and midi modes?  I'm real happy with the COSMOS mode with my Fender American Deluxe strat fitted with a GK-3.  In midi output mode there seems to be some delay when recording into my computer recording software (Sonar 7) via USB.  Although I haven't tried to tweak it much while using the midi mode, I'm wondering if the LGX-SA will do a better job of responding with my recording software?

More importantly, how is the playability of the LGX-SA?   I'm not able to try one out locally, so how will it compare to my strat?  I love the feel, size, and playability of my strat's neck.

Thank you for your replies, thoughts, and opinions.


This is the best guitar I have ever owned.  It plays beautifully and looks gorgeous.  I dont know if it will do a better job then your Strat with the GK-3, but there is no latency (delay) when using the the guitar to midi function.  I think really, its your computer that causes the delay more so then your guitar. Also using USB (unless its 2.0) to record guitar tracks wouldnt be my first choice.  There are other issues with the VG-99 guitar to midi function, so you should look around this site for those.

As for COSM guitar models, the LGX-SA tracks instantaneously and well, its the VG-99, it sounds great.  I am very happy with the Godin/Roland combo.  I have havent owned or played a Strat in a long long time so I cant tell you the differences, I am sure someone else will come along and tell you those, but to me, the neck is very easy to play.  I love the ebony fret board too.  Also, the guitars PU's sound great through amps and software alike and the "acoustic" piezo sound isnt bad either.  There really isnt anything I dislike about th guitar.  I recommend it.
Lots of Gear. :)


+1 on the LGX-SA. I own far too many guitars. At last count I had 30. When I had a two-month out of town assignment this summer what went - the LGX-SA. In general, I think Godins are the most under-rated, under-valued guitars that there are. I have a Godin Baggs Acousticaster, and I always tell everyone, if I ever had to own just one guitar, that's the one. Playability on the LGX-SA is outstanding. It a very good all around guitar, although I don't find the  piezo to be a very viable substitute for an acoustic. It is great for layering an acoustic tone with the electric tones. Overall, definitely in the top 5 in my collection. I love strats, too, and I would agree the guitar/pickup combination should not be having an effect on your recording. There are some great sites out there with tips on optimizing your windows system for recording, by turning off a variety of services on windows. Do that, and you should lose the latency. I now record on Logic with a mac, but when I was using Sonar, I had no latency issues, but I did not use USB. I record through an Echo Audiofire 8 firewire interface.

Tracking is a non-issue with the COSM models. You play, the COSM models respond. In general, I've found guitar to midi works better with a piezo style pickup like the LGX-SA than with the GK pickups.

Playing it vs. a strat? It plays at least as good as my Clapton strat. I have an old strat of dubious origin, no one seems to know what it is as someone removed the serial number and neck date before it came it me, but I've always loved the way it plays. Again, there is no dissapointment in going from that to the Godin. The two humbucker vs 3 single coils on a strat will give you a different variety of tones.  I would recommend the LGX-SA to anyone looking for a versatile guitar with 13-pin capabilities.


at the moment I own both a strat with mounted GK3 and a godin xtsa. The godin is a fine guitar but sounds totally different through the vg-99 than my strat does. The strat-gk3 sound is much thinner/clearer, not as loud and not so heavy on the bass (of course I've adjusted sensivity for both guitars). As I said, both guitars sound completely different (I don't use their regular magnetc PUs), so you should try both and then decide what to buy.


Once I got my LGX-SA, I don't believe I've played any of my other electrics; which includes a very nice American made Strat from the late 80's that I spent days handpicking from the generous stock at MAE (in Ft. Lauderdale).  The Godin is not going to give you the pure "Strat" sound, but it is the best electric guitar for me.  You can read my review here:

Keep in mind that my review (submitted by Gatormike) was based upon using it purely as an electric guitar through my Carvin Vai Legacy Combo (and some monkeying around with the GR-33 pads underneath) and my Fender Acoustasonics for piezo.  Now that I have the VG-99, I could not be more happy with the following EXCEptions:
a) I have not tried Guitar to Midi yet and cannot therefore comment --- just having too much fun with the patches and jamming along with my Stylus RMX in Logic!!!   ;D
b) I'll need to try to adjust/create some "heavy" patches and remove some of my right hand, palm-muting noise that the 6th string piezo transducer is picking up.  That's the only downside I see so far with the pure COSM guitar and amp approach with my LGX-SA (I've got the LR Baggs system in mine).

Overall, I cannot be more pleased.  Peace, Mike


Thanks everyone for your input and advice.  I just ordered a LGX-SA and should have it in a couple of weeks.  In the meantime it looks like I need to update the firmware on my VG-99 from the current 1.03 to 1.04 in order to be able to select the piezo pickup types.

Quick question....those of you with a Godin, are you using the Piezo R GK PU Type parameter or have you found another one actually works/sounds better?

I also intend to tweak my recording setup chain to improve delay from the guitar to my recordng software while trying to record midi.  I havn't expermiented yet with using a regular midi interface setup instead the VG-99 USB midi.  I don't expect the Godin to totally solve my delay issues but if it helps that will be great.

Any other suggestions or advice is always appreciated.

Thanks again for your responses!