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GT-100 Import older patches - Newbie Idiot Alert!
« on: March 14, 2015, 12:52:21 PM »
     When I started auditioning older GT-8 and GT-10 patches, I came across many which appeared silent when opened within FxFloorboard. Being first and foremost a Bassist - and therefore only marginally above drummers in the intellectual food chain - I naturally assumed that these patches did not work. I wasted months and months of my already pathetic life trying out similar 'non-working' patches, until I finally remembered something Gumtown had written in a previous post.

   Next time I opened a seemingly silent patch in FxFbd, I double-clicked on the 'Volume' pedal and EUREKA! There were 3 knobs (or 4 if you include me!) - Vol Min and Vol Max were correctly set to '0' and '100' respectively whilst, lo and behold, Level was set to '0'! A quick adjustment to '100', the scales were removed from my ears and I could at long last hear that patch in all its glory. (It was crap, actually, and scarcely worth the bother, but we're talking about the principal here!)
     Sometimes a patch will remain silent, even after the above procedure. More often than not, this is just FxFbd being cranky. Just like the rest of us, it can get tired with prolonged use, so bouncing back and forth between patches that already work, then re-loading the new patch one or more times, often gets it working as it should. In my (admittedly) limited experience with both the FxFbd and the Gt-100, if a patch DEFINITELY doesn't work, a nice window will usually open to tell you why. The last time this happened to me, turned out to be an unpaid parking fine!
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