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GT-8 Livesets (Banks) for GT-100/001 Tone Studio
« on: March 14, 2015, 08:21:42 AM »
        After thousands of man-hours, often going without food, drink, sleep and, obviously, female company, I have finally come up with the first batch of what I hope to be a continuing series of older GT-8 and GT-10 patches. These are fully tested and converted to the new Boss GT-100 'TSL' format' - but as Banks (or 'Livesets', as Boss prefers to call them) rather than single 'syx' or 'mid' patches as before.

   Why bother, I can already hear many of you ask? Well, I guess most of you will already be using Gumtown's exceptionally useful FxFloorboard editing software for your GT-100/001, especially since Boss's new Tone Studio software cannot yet open these older patches - and Gumtown's can. However, even the excellent FxFbd (currently using version 20141028) can only open, audition and save these patches to memory one at a time and, despite numerous attempts, I regret to say that I have so far been unable to get the FxFbd to successfully save a bank of patches to the 'TSL' format that can open properly in the Tone Studio.

   What I've had to do, therefore, is endure the tedious process of auditioning and saving each individual patch to the User Banks of the GT-100 with the FxFloorboard, then switch to the Tone Studio, create a new Liveset, then manually drag-and-drop each patch I want to save into the new Liveset. Now all you guys have to do is import the Liveset you fancy, quickly and easily audition each preset, then create your own new Liveset in Tone Studio and simply drag the patches you want to keep into it - et voila, hey presto!

None of these patches were created by me, nor am I attempting to take any credit for their creation. They were all distributed with previous versions of Gumtown's superlative FxFloorboard, and thus were already freely available in the Public Domain. Where possible, I have sought to give credit to the original creator by naming each bank appropriately (eg Kewlpack, Paul Hanson etc) or else naming them by their original folder within Gumtown's collections. Each patch is supplied in its original condition i.e I have not attempted to alter or edit it in any way. I did not attempt any form of quality control - my only criteria was whether or not they actually worked at all in the GT-100. Enjoy!
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Re: GT-8 Livesets (Banks) for GT-100/001 Tone Studio
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Thanks for all your hard work on this!

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Re: GT-8 Livesets (Banks) for GT-100/001 Tone Studio
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Thanks!  I'll defiantly check these out.  Much appreciated.

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Re: GT-8 Livesets (Banks) for GT-100/001 Tone Studio
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Thanks for the hard work.

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Re: GT-8 Livesets (Banks) for GT-100/001 Tone Studio
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nice job done  :)

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Re: GT-8 Livesets (Banks) for GT-100/001 Tone Studio
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