The History of Guitar Synthesizers: Four Revolutions, No Clear Winner

Started by Elantric, May 23, 2014, 02:04:07 PM

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Thanks, looks like it would be a effective design, against crosstalk


If you listen to the Mahavishnu "Inner Worlds" record it mostly is being used to play solos on mini-moogs, no chords that I can hear really.  It's really funny because one of the patches that was made by a user here for the SY-1000 the Zappa "Sy Borg" lead sound is extremely similar if you want to try playing "Morning Calls", "Gita" or "All in the Family".

Not to blow my own horn but I made a patch for the VG-99 that would allow you to do the guitar sounds for "Miles Out" from that record.   That one was a guitar into a 360 systems frequency shifter which was really wild.   The 99 did an almost perfect replica of the sound.
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