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Alternative to the pds-10 Stand
« on: August 23, 2008, 11:46:58 PM »
I figured an alternative to the pds-10 stand. I bought a 1" pipe about 30" long with threads on both ends. I then purchased two things from the plumbing section that thread to the end of the pipe and have four holes for mounting to a floor or wall. One of those was bolted to the floor of my pedalboard. The other was bolted to a small piece of plywood (the size of the bottom of the VG-99). This piece has velcro to attach the VG99 to the small piece of plywood. When assembled, the pipe screws into the pedalboard and the mount on the plywood screws on the top of the pipe. Set the VG99 on top. When done gigging, unscrew the pipe from the pedel board and small plywood piece, velcro the pipe into the pedalboard. Close the lid and go. This is about a $20 dollar solution.
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Re: Alternative to the pds-10 Stand
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I was impressed by the compactness and utility of this VG-99 performance stand  - its a sliding rail system integrated into a standard 19" rack box

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Re: Alternative to the pds-10 Stand
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That is great!

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Re: Alternative to the pds-10 Stand
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Alternatively you can get the plate that sits underneath the VG unit - the Roland MPD7 - for under £20 in the UK, I guess around $20 in the US.

Once you have that, then you need a drum kit multi-clamp to attach that to a music stand or a mic stand you might have lying around.  New you can probably pick one of those up too for $20 too - or you might be able to get one on semi-permanent loan from a drumming friend.  This is what I did - really useful when you don't have much room in a band pit as part of a show because you can attach it to anything suitable nearby.

I know of a couple of UK guitarists who just use a regular music stand - the kind with the big, black metal plate with holes in it.  Just perch your VG where the music would go.

Obviously if you don't have a stand or a suitable drumming friend, then you're not going to save much money on a PDS10.

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Re: Alternative to the pds-10 Stand
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Also read

Building a DIY stand for VG-99 and other gadgets

Couple thoughts on parts for building a DIY VG-99 /VB-99 stand

The 4-bolt pattern on the bottom of the VG-99 / VB-99 is common to the Roland V-Drum Brain Modules, SPD-SX, BK-7M,  and those are far more plentiful than VG-99s! Google for "Roland V-Drum Stand" yields good results for DIY stand options.

Pintech Metal Module Mount - $22

Roland MDP-7 is similar ($16 at Sweetwater)

The Roland APC-33 is a universal clamp worth knowing about too: Typically $45

If you want the official  VG-99 stand - the Roland PDS10 is typically $160

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