DIY Battery Power Ideas - Poweradd , BoxKing, Tourtek

Started by Elantric, February 20, 2014, 09:57:50 AM

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ucnick wrote>
I use a BoxKing BK05 to power my latest lil' 'board, which consists of the following: Mini Cry Baby Wah > EP3 > HX Stomp (acquired at Xmas) > Dunlop DVP4 > Hotone EQ > Fender Micro DI. The HXS connects to the supply separately through a Joyo ZGP noise blocker,

and the other active pedals are daisy-chained to another output. Everything on a Pedaltrain Metro 20 frame.

When I first wired up the power, I found that the HXS power supply was contaminating the power, so I isolated it with the ZGP, which stopped the HXS from polluting the supply and now everything can run from the BK05.

The board had it's maiden voyage last Tuesday night at rehearsal, running through a DBR10, and passed with flying colors. The guys commented on how my board (which was a Helix) had shrunk. The BK05 had dropped from 4 LEDs to about 2 1/2 (the 3rd LED was dimming) after a 2 hr rehearsal, so it should work fine for a 4 hr set. I take a spare BK05 (and the charger as well) with me just in case.

FWIW, last night I received a Neweer double footswitch, fits nicely on the 'board, set FS4 & FS5 to control the page functions so that I can access the FS1 & FS2 switch assigns to select snapshots but also turn various blocks assigned to FS1 & FS2 on and off in the snapshots.



COOLIS 200Wh-54000mAh Portable Purely Sine Wave Lithium Battery Power Inverter Generator Power Station, with Silent 110V AC/12V DC/5V USB Output

Product Details
Product Dimensions: 8.1 x 3 x 8.3 inches
Item Weight: 4.9 pounds
Shipping Weight: 4.98 pounds
Manufacturer: COOLIS
Item model number: HP150
Batteries: 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
POWERFUL 110V AC + 12V DC + USB OUTPUTS: 150W Purely sine wave AC outlet; 120W DC outlet; 2* USB ports; Emergency bright LED light with SOS and Strobe
150W PURELY SINE WAVE: AC purely sine wave,exactly same as state municipal power supply,more purely electrical,more power,zero damage to your devices
BMS PROTECTION: Battery management system,prevent over charging,over voltage,low voltage,over current,over loading,short circuit
THE PACKAGE INCLUDING: 1 Generator / 1 Wall charger / 1 cigarette lighter / 1 manual


Gigboard w/ battery power
PowerAdd PilotPro 32,000 mAH


Ampero on battery power
PilotPro 32,000 mAH Battery pack


I consider myself fairly knowledgeable about the GR-55, but I just learned something about it that I was happy and surprised to find out....

I've been using a Pilot Poweradd to power my pedalboard for over a year now and it has been working very well.

When I tried to power things up today,  the GR-55 didn't respond, but the other pedals seemed to work fine.

Cutting to the chase... it turned out that the Poweradd voltage output someone got switched to 20v, not 9. Once I switched it back, the GR-55 worked just fine.  I don't know how it got switched. 

Anyway, it appears the GR-55 somehow gracefully handled the over-voltage by not responding while the other devices (Digitech Live Harmony and Tech 21 MIDI Mongoose) seemed to accept the over-voltage without issue.

I know many power circuits are designed to accept a wide range of voltages,  but I feel very lucky that I avoided any permanent damage. Hopefully I don't experience a delayed failure.

Is anyone aware of the details of how the GR-55 handles incorrect input voltage?




BELONG 5V 6V 9V 12V Power Bank 18650 Battery Charging Mobile Power Charger Box DIY

Charging input: 5V 2.1A
DC output: DC5.5*2.1-2.5MM  3.8V/2.5A;5V/2.1A;6V/1.8A;9V/1.1A;12V/0.7A( with current limiting and temperature protection)
USB port output: 5V/=2.1A(max)
Total output power : 75w(max) , DC port:65w(max)

can install 6 18650 battey or 3pcs(must install alternation)

it need unprotected 18650 battery 2000-6000MAH

voltage percentage, intuitive,
Dimesion:162mm*82mm*22mm L*W*H

or $6

QuoteFits 6 18650 cells with USB and 12v....9V...6V .....and 3.7 output!!!! And does a solid 2A. Maybe 3 if you really push it. The design isn't THE BEST....but the practicality of this product is THE BEST! I'm thinking of getting a few of these.

Use as a power supply for my 18650 dedicated charger that shows exact capacity and voltage of the cell.

To power any automotive part that needs 12V.

Extremely useful to a electrician that needs the main voltage to test equipment.

It's also a 18650 charger.

Pairs great with usb solar panels to charge your 18650 for free.

Connect via 12v port with small portable mini inverter to power small things that are 120v.

Can remove the circuit board and just have as a 18650 battery box and have multiple stacks to make a large battery.

The ideas are limitless!


( . )( . )

Do you guys think that the boxking will handle an HX Effects, a Digitech Freqout, a Chase Bliss Brothers, and a few other low power pedals simultaneously for at least a few hours?


Quote from: ( . )( . ) on September 22, 2020, 04:28:58 AM
Do you guys think that the boxking will handle an HX Effects, a Digitech Freqout, a Chase Bliss Brothers, and a few other low power pedals simultaneously for at least a few hours?

Need multiple  boxking batteries


I have my whole board (2700ma) powered by battery. It works great, but when I boot everything up at once, a couple pedals quickly do a second restart, and my Digitech Freqout starts, but won't function until I flip the momentary switch on and off. I got some inline rocker switches from amazon, but it seems that they are not mechanical switches and they let power through regardless of the switches state. What's strange is that if I put one right after the battery pack, the switch works. The switch doesn't work when I put it down stream between two daisy chain plugs, or even right at a pedals power input. Strange. I don't understand what's happened other than the current going through the switch is overriding it's capacity?

Anyway, I'm searching online for a mechanical inline barrel switch, but can't find anything. Anyone have a solution?
I'd even consider putting a small panel on the board with switches and run power from that.



This is powering many devices

( (12V@3A)Headrush MX5, (19V@2.5A) SPARK 40 AMP )

With Headrush MX5 @ 12V , After 3 hours Battery pack  indicates 75% remaining power

Krisdonia Portable Laptop Charger (TSA-Approved) 92.5Wh/25000mAh Travel Laptop Power Bank External Battery Bank

TYPE-C outputs 5V to 12V. Can't charge 20V TYPE-C laptop from TYPE-C port.

2. Can charge 20V TYPE-C laptop from DC-OUT port with the included TYPE-C converter.

4. Set the voltage and then plug DC cable into the DC-OUT port.

5. Can charge laptops Max.90W-100W.


Low shutdown current for USB & TYPE-C ports: 50mA

Low shutdown current for DC-OUT port: 100mA

High shutdown current for DC-OUT port: 5V / 8.4V / 9V / 12V >3A; 16V / 20V >4.7A