Urgent-What adaptor for GR 55.

Started by JCcares, December 13, 2013, 12:02:49 AM

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I misplaced my adaptor for the GR 55.Can someone tell me the adaptor number so I can find a quick replacement for a gig tomorrow? Is it available in Guitar Center?

Is it PSB -1U ? Can I use PSB 120 as replacement?





If they are out of stock for the PSB-120 you can also use a Visual Sound One Spot.

Just resist the urge to power other devices with it at the same time. The GR-55 draws 700ma, The OneSpot supplies 1700ma, so it has headroom to spare, but that gets used up quickly if you start powering other devices with it.

Personally I keep a couple PSB-120s around as spares, but the OneSpot is a great substitute if you cannot lay hands on a PSB-120.

Toby Krebs

The One Spot rules! I have them every where!They may add a teeny bit of noise to the GR-55 but still function well enough for government work!


I have done this sort of thing many times without incurring any problems....
...still try to avoid 30-foot extension cables though....   ::)   

it IS only 9 volts, after all.... ;)
Read slower!!!   ....I'm typing as fast as I can...