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Re: VG-99 - Normal PU sound using GK-3 & VG-99
« Reply #50 on: March 06, 2008, 01:47:52 PM »
There are two possibilities that I can think of, and there are probably more that I can't think of.

1) If you try to write to the location of a factory patch, you will not be able to change the settings. You would need to save the patch as a User patch in order to save the settings.

2) It is possible that you have activated one of the global settings that always make a controller cuase a parameter to function a certian way. Below is a edit of instructions I received from VanceG on this issue

For a FEW features (VERY FEW) there is a way to force a specific physical controller to ALWAYS control a specific parameter on EVERY preset, no matter what (no programming of each preset required).

In the editor software, go into the Sytstem/MIDI/USB/VLINK section, then click on the CTL button over on the right. This brings you to the System Control Assign page. Here you can set assignments for the FC-300 pedals and switches which will override those which are made in each patch. 

There are only a limited number of controller destinations that you can do this with, and they are pretty generic, such as "patch level, Wah, Guitar Tone, Volume" etc.  But this still might help in some cases. For example, I use this to universally define what switch is doing my Tap Tempo and Volume. (end of quote from VanceG)

One of these options may be causing the guitar normal pickups to reset to zero.

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Re: VG-99 - Normal PU sound using GK-3 & VG-99
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Thanks philflood for your reply!

I am saving it to the USER patches (001 thru 200).  It's the oddest thing cause I do the following.

1.  Select Modeling Type A and/or B

2.  Scroll 6 over to MIX LEVEL (COSM 25 and NORMAL PU 75) or whatever.

3.  Save the preset by hitting WRITE twice.

4.  And then I can blend the NORMAL PU using my guitars volume with the VG in the MID position of the toggle.

Now... if I want just the NORMAL PU only with the toggle up, you have to have the PATCH LEVEL knob that's 1 inch to the left of the GLOBAL knob turn up to hear it.

However.. I  just realized that this isn't just my PU going thru the up position but it's also the COSM as well!   :o

Ah well... the mystery continues. ;)

For me... it really isn't worth spending hours upon hours trying to figure it out.  I'll just play the VG and the blended PU in the MID position and be done with it for now. 

If I want to cut the guitar PU's only, I'll just run it thru the VG without the 13pin or a amp or something.

If I every figure it out down the road (or if someone else does) then of course we'll share with the forum!

Cheers to all for your help!

V.T.  8)


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Re: VG-99 - Normal PU sound using GK-3 & VG-99
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How to use Normal PU sounds and make the GK-3 3-way switch work with the VG-99

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