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Quick walk-through on resetting the Roland FC-300 to factory settings like it had out of the box.

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Hello. Has anyone manual FC 300 in the Polish language?

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Roland FC300 MIDI Info

The last half of this doc is rather detailed on the FC-300 MIDI Spec

Use Google Translate from Japanese
(FC-300 J2 Japanese Manual)

or start at page 59 here (FC-300 E2 English Manual)

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Congratulations on your purchase of Roland’s most powerful MIDI foot controller, the
FC-300. This TurboStart contains step-by-step instructions that will quickly introduce you
to the FC-300’s major features.

Changing the Modes
The FC-300 has four modes of operation you can choose from. They are:
• Standard Mode—This mode is for sending both Control Change messages and
Program Change messages.
• Control Change Mode—This mode is for sending only Control Change
• System Exclusive Mode—This mode is for sending or receiving System Exclusive
• Patch Mode—This mode is for sending multiple MIDI messages that have been
previously been saved as patches.
Here’s how to choose the desired mode:
1 Press the MODE button repeatedly until the mode you want is selected.
Tip: To select modes with your feet, simultaneously press the up ? and down ? pedals.

Changing the Control Change Numbers Assigned to the Pedals
You can assign any Control Change number (CC#) to a pedal. Here’s how:
1 Press MODE until the red indicator is lit next to CONTROL.
2 Press the PARAMETER > button once—“PDL1:Assign CC#65” appears in the
3 Press VALUE ^ or v to change the CC# number. If you’d like to change the
CC# values for the other pedals, repeat Steps 2 and 3.
4 Once you’ve made all of your desired CC# assignments, press WRITE.
5 Press ^ or v to select a memory location (1-5) in which to store your new setup.
6 Press WRITE twice—the new settings are now stored into the FC-300’s memory.

Starting Over
If you’d like to redo the FC-300’s settings from scratch, you can use the following
procedure to clear its internal memory and reload its factory settings.
Caution: All of your stored settings will be lost when you perform a factory reset. Be sure to
back up any information you wish to keep first.
1 Turn off the FC-300.
2 While holding down ^ and v, turn on the power—“Factory Reset Are you sure?”
appears in the display.
3 Press WRITE.
4 When “Factory Reset Completed!” appears, turn off the FC-300.
5 Power-up the FC-300 for use.