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Re: Slanted flight case for the VG-99?
« Reply #25 on: September 04, 2010, 03:25:53 PM »
i would like to start using my vg99 more this next high season, but one of the things i need to do is find a light case on rollers (maybe with a pull up handle) to carry the vg99 (with floor stand mounting pad attached) , fc300, floor stand and related hook up stuff.  many of our gigs are unloaded a good distance from the stage and parking is usually on cobblestones.  i have been doing this too long to think i am going to sharp for the downbeat if i have to punk too many trips back and forth to the car so i have stuck with my samsonite weekender(old gorilla version) suitcase which holds my 88 and all other related stuff for my part of the gig except my mic stand, amp and guitar.  with my guitar on my shoulder, and my samsonite on top of my amp on a folding hand truck i can make it to a first floor gig in one trip but usually take two.  the fc300 is the achiles heel as it is longer than what i have found so far.  something that fits the fc300 is also huge in other dimensions.   i thought a skb bass case might do it but i can't find one here to try.  ?????

simple is best here from a standpoint of security for the gear and saving energy for the gig.  i found a suitcase that everything will fit in but it has 4 of those those little ball wheels that work great in airports with a 20-30 lb load, but they would not make it at all here as they are smaller than the what they need to roll over (or through is more like it).

the stage is usually smaller than we'd like (more tables= more margaritas= more revenue) so as much as a rack unit like in this thread would be great it would require a table.  in a small club on gig night there are NO extra tables--that's the whole idea of paying us to be there i guess.  this is guerilla gigging  like back in the 60's again but with 3 times the gear.  so a really nice rolling case would be worth it's weight in gold (i was going to say tequila but who can even afford that stuff anymore  :'(  )    HELP___THANKS

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Re: Slanted flight case for the VG-99?
« Reply #26 on: September 04, 2010, 06:52:16 PM »
I don't know what to suggest, musicamex, but I do hope you find something suitable. :)
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Re: Slanted flight case for the VG-99?
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A padded over the shoulder duffle bag might take care of the FC300. I dunno. ;)