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Dear group,

Although most of these issues have been touched on, I am not sure that an answer exists for this particular set-up/concept.

First the assets list: VG-99, FC-300, GR-55, US-20, 8 input 2 bus-output Alesis multimix8 mixer, a small atom-cpu mini laptop with a 2 in-out m-audio soundcard, a tech-21 midi mouse and a rarely used Yamaha QY-100.

Laptop purpose is mainly playback backing tracks (using Reaper which it manages to run) and eventually
running Mobius as a looper on the mini-laptop.

can the FC-300 as the central pedal control hub, control VG-99 as well expands use of the GR-55 
AND  be a useful controller for Mobius looper simultaneously?

Would that even be possible?

How can it know which device I want it to act on?.

I’ve got books to read on the use of midi in general, and Mobius.  I am aware that there is a learning curve to all this and don’t see this as instant pudding.
I’m designing my ultimate-to-be floorboard and assessing what space provision for all the hardware etc… 
I would welcome you guys take on how to get from here to there and welcome your thoughts. Much appreciated.

To sum up: Being able to extract all the sound potential and flexibility (for ex: momentary effects on both VG + GR, loop any of it using Mobius at any time,
and to accomplish this using mostly the FC-300 as the main control floorboard which could be located next to the GR and US-20.

(Or must/should I unload the FC-300 duties by getting a nanokontroller-type unit for Mobius and plan real-estate-floorboard space for that?)

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That depends on what you mean by simultaneously and exactly what you want to do. To control Mobius you need to change from sysex mode to patch mode. You can add an external pedal and toggle the mode so that's not a big deal.

Offline mostlyjazzer

Thank you szilard.

I guess your answer is helping me focus  my thinking. I want to use the maximum number of assigns available by way of the footswitches+pedals of the FC-300. The midi mouse could do the job of patch/match select of the VG+GR combo for a given song.

The US-20 could allow to toggle the FC-300 pre-established assigns between the VG-99 and The GR-55?

In other words CTL1 on the FC-300 could be assigned effect A on the VG-99 and effect B on the GR-55 ( where the US-20 would define which device I address the command to). Is this reasoning valid?

Then following your comment, a separate footswitch would toggle the FC-300 to switch from patch mode to sysex mode to allow it to control the Laptop/Mobius app.

Is that correct?
More importantly is that practical on a live situation?

Oops I just realized that the US-20 won't affect the FC-300.

It is probably a situation that the combined buttons and pedals of the FC-300 would have to be assigned in a shared way between both VG and GR. No way of given 2 roles affecting 2 separate devices to same button/switch on FC-300.

Well, I'm finding a lot of answers by sifting through this board already.

Mea Culpa.

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