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GT-1 - Scotty Moore tribute - Good Rockin' Tonight
« on: December 31, 2016, 02:14:48 PM »
I'm using this patch next week in a sign-up jam of Elvis tunes. I've got 5 songs, and this patch is for "Good Rockin' Tonight." I'd love your feedback on this. Is it too bright? Too loud? Not enough of something?

This patch tries to make the neck humbucker of my maple Steinberger sound like Scotty's guitar on this track, with old-timey slapback echo included. It is intentionally lo-fi & sounds great through headphones (Sony MDR-V8, baby!).

Special feature: CTL1 pedal is momentary solo boost. Hold it down to kick in a clean boost effect. I did this because I didn't see a Solo switch I could assign to it. On a VG, or GR-55, this footswitch would trigger the Solo switch.

Speaker cab is on.

To tweak for your guitar: look at the FX1. It's set to "H>Hollow" now, but you might want to adjust this.

Haven't thought yet about what to do to prep this patch for plugging into a combo amp, which is likely what I'll be offered. It could be a Fender Supersonic, a Vox modeling amp of some kind, who knows what'll be there. I want to avoid being too bright.
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