Author Topic: FC-300 with RC-300 - how to connect via MIDI CC's  (Read 343 times)

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FC-300 with RC-300 - how to connect via MIDI CC's
« on: November 10, 2015, 07:22:40 AM »

Cross posted from RC-300 Loop station thread as maybe more relevant to FC-300 owners?

Recently acquired a RC 300 and am finding it extremely intuitive and very easy to use. No problems there....
But I also have a FC 300 left behind from previous ownership ofa VG 99 and I would very much like to use the foot switches & pedals to control the RC 300 parameters.
Would have thought the might be very easy but am not getting beyond selection of Loop Memory number which I can step up & down with on the FC 300.
I must be missing something obvious here but can somebody give me a pointer or 2 of how to get lets say the pedal to control volume or track volume or tempo (if that's possible?) just as examples? So using the example of trying to get remote volume control I have set CC on the FC to CC7 which I might have expected the RC to respond to but nothing happens.
Both devices are OMNI - ON, are on MIDI channel 1 and directly connected. MIDI info is obviously being passed as the Memory  patches do actually change as I said earlier.

Be most grateful.