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Hi all,

I just wanted to introduce the GORDIUS Little Giant Module to this forum. It's a MIDI processing unit with very extensive MIDI control possibilities. Originally it was intended as an extension module for the cheap FCB1010 floorboard, but with the latest firmware upgrade, we added full support for the Roland FC-200 and FC-300 floorboards.

The way it works: just connect 2 MIDI cables between the FC-300 and LG-M (module). Connect your MIDI controlled devices to the MIDI IN and MIDI OUT of the module. When you start up the module, the FC-300 is detected and automatically switched to SysEx mode. Thanks to this mode, the module can detect all key presses of the FC-300, and control all its LEDs and LCD display. This means that no programming whatsoever needs to be done in the FC-300, all MIDI setup is done in the LG-M, through a PC editor and USB connection between module and PC. Some of the features of the Little Giant module :

- support for 250 banks, each bank can contain a mix of "regular" presets, stomp boxes or Instant Access switches (have an on/off state), or momentary effect switches.
- support for up to 10 setlists, each containing up to 50 songs. The current song name can be displayed both on the LG-M graphical display and on the FC-300 character display.
- each preset can send an unlimited number of MIDI messages (up to 256 bytes in total), all types of MIDI commands are supported (incl. Sysex).
- extended expression pedal possibilities (customizable sweep curves, auto-engage possibilities, virtual heel and tip switches, reverse sweep ranges,...)
- various MIDI synchronization and taptempo possibilities : display the BPM value of an incoming MIDI clock on the display, metronome functionality with fixed tempo or adaptable through foot tapping, etc.
- several advanced features for making your setup dynamic: use of data variables, MIDI channel variables, making the content of some presets change in function of the currently selected preset, etc.
- weird things like defining one-click message loops or sweeps, use of random values in MIDI messages, etc.

Let me immediately add the bad news too: the module is not cheap. GORDIUS is a very small company, suffering from the high cost of very low volume production runs. This is the reason why we put a lot of effort (over 2 years of development) in implementing this huge feature set, which can justify the relatively high unit price. I guess only a few of you will be interested, as the FC-300 on its own already has quite some nice features. But if you want the "nec plus ultra", please have a look at

In the download section of our website you will find the user manual for the Little Giant Module.
You can also freely download the LG Control Center, a PC editor which will give you a good overview of the Little Giant features.
By the way, we also have compact 10-switch or 13-switch footcontrollers which can be extended with an FC-300 or FC-200 in order to have more switches per bank. This gives the possibility to choose between a very compact setup or a more extended setup with 2 interconnected floorboards, depending on the type of venue to play in.


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Welcome to the forum!

Best success in 2009. 

IF you or representatives will be at NAMM next week, PM me with your cell phone / or Booth number  and I will help get the word out on your wonderful foot controllers.

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Thanks for the warm welcome, Elantric!
Unfortunately I could in no way afford attending NAMM... There's a chance that you can see some GORDIUS action over there at the Looperlative booth. Both Bob Amstadt and Bill Walker might be using their Little Giant while demo'ing the LP-1. Enjoy the show!

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This thread is from 2009, True since 2013 the Little Giant Module has been discontinued ( find one in the used channel)