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VG-99 Workshop PDFs from Roland US
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VG-99 Workshop PDFs from Roland US


* VG-99 Workshop 01: Introduction to the VG-99

      The VG-99 is hands-down the most powerful guitar processor ever made, capable of transforming your instrument with sounds both familiar and unreal. This booklet introduces you to the VG-99’s creative possibilities and discusses some of the technologies that are part of it.

* VG-99 Workshop 02: Pickup Settings

      This booklet gives you the lowdown on using a divided pickup with the VG-99, including the Roland GK-3 and third-party piezo-type systems. Using your guitar’s normal pickups is covered as well.

* VG-99 Workshop 03: On-the-Gig Sound Settings

      The VG-99 makes it easy to tweak its overall sound for different performing environments without changing the sounds stored in the individual patches. This booklet shows you how.

* VG-99 Workshop 04: Using the Built-in Tuner

      When working with the VG-99, you’ll find the built-in chromatic tuner to be one of its most often-used features. This booklet discusses how to use the tuner and control it with external switches.

* VG-99 Workshop 05: Working with Patches
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Re: VG-99 Workshop PDFs from Roland US
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If you enjoyed the Roland VG-99 Workshop Training guides

here is the author - Robby Berman

too bad Roland US let him go several years ago;(
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