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NMD T.C.Helicon MP-76 ( control Volicelive)
« on: January 13, 2018, 06:19:21 AM »
Pulled the trigger on a T.C.Helicon MP-76 :

Besides synth guitar and electric , acoustic electric guitar(s) keyboard , trumpet/brass
and drums/percussion I blow harp . I blow lots of harp , Standards ,Trad. Jazz , RNR ,
The Blues , CW you name I can blow it on harp just about .

I asked in several forums ( this one too ) about making a nano sized switch assembley
for a DIY T.C. Helicon Switch 6 and saw the schematic post here in the forum of the  Switch 3 .
I want to use this to be mounted on a High Hz Shure 520D Green Bullet that I plug into
the front end guitar input of the T.C. Helicon Voice Live 3 X MFX unit I have . I plug my
bullet mic into my guitar tube and SS amps it's a killer sound .

Time and life just don't mesh as one would want and I just could not dedicate the time to
make the Bullet mic nano DIY Switch 6 . I had research and gathered the needed info to start
ordering parts etcetera . But nada surf for me on this project . 

Sssssso I broke down and got this mic with :

Advance Microphone Control Technology

I wanted a harp mic with the ability to Change Presets , FX triggers and loop Start/Stop
like what the Switch 6/3 does for electric guitar and be able to step away from the pedal area
to get close to other musicians or inter act with the public when I solo gig . This is cool to have
a vocal microphone and a harp microphone in one microphone  that triggers stuff on the fly while
performing .

The MP-76 is a dynamic microphone and is not High Hz , it's a Low Hz dynamic . The flavor/feel
of the sound of the Shure 520D is probably the most popular sought after electrified harp tone/sound .
The other is that off a Astatic Crystal mic element bullet mic . The next is the sound/tone you get from
a Low Hz SM57 w/matching Low Hz to High Hz x-former into a guitar amp input .

For killer state of the electrified harp FX I used a Ibanez HD1500 . The Ibanez was a real killer
outfit with the delay , chorus , flanger , octave , etcetera . It's not to worry cause looking at this new
set up I have I am in heaven

I have to say at first I was disappointed to not be able to follow through making the DIY Switch
because I wanted those 6 switches and their dynamic power . I was thinking on making the Switch 3
after seeing the schematic here in the forum but nope no time .

I think the  4 switches will get me what I'm after on this MP-76 so , it's a split of the difference I
suppose heh heh heh , I'm cool with that I guess .

Ran out of gas after I set this up and waited for the Source  Audio Hot Hand Ring to charge up , it's charged
now but it's 3:30 AM and I have to recharge my body , good night , follow up on how this thing worked out
with the Hot Had Ring for my wireless hand worn Whaw Whaw soon to follow

! Whewww - I'm burning one down now !

EZ :



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