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hi  i  just  bought  gr 55 + a gc1 strat  gr ready but   it  seems  i  can,t assign the 2 switches on pick guard for  nothing at all come  from  those 2 switches ,.what,s  more troubling  is  that  i also have  a ibanez on which i  added  a gk3 pick up and  the  2 switches on it  work well for changing patches so i , wondering if  my gc 1 strat  switches are broken for  i  bought  it  used  but  they  both( gr 55 and gc 1 strat) were in great  condition. so if  someone  can help me  please do for  i,ve  been playing with my gr 55  parameters trying  to solve this   for 3  days now  lol

NB i just found out  that pushing the  2  switches  at the same time  on  my  gc1 strat gr 55 ready actually have the  banks   to change   but if i push just one  nothing  happens ,So again  is  it a bad assignment on my gr 55 or there  is  a short with  those  2 switches for  i own  both  the  gr 55and  gc1  only for a week now
thanks in advance for  your counseling
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  • Changing the 13-pin interface - one Jack at a time
Welcome to the Forum!

The problem may (?) be the connection between your GC-1 and the GR-55 as both of these switches are supposed to make contact via the 13-pin jack on your guitar.

Perform the cable maintenance procedures shown in

...and see whether this makes any improvement before opening anything up or attempting repairs.


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Thank you Peter.