VB-99 - Latency patch

Started by fokof, August 30, 2013, 05:54:26 PM

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I've posted a patch that addresses the latency issue when using both Mag and COSM on the same engine.
Because we can't add a delay to the mag , there is a huge Phasing issue wich can be repaired by adding the delay to Mag only.

Patch is called "delayed mag"

It's basically in "chain" > mag/delay/COSM/etc....

If you use an engine as mag only , you can use the delay in the mixer section
(as in the patch called "Delay mag Mixer")

I also made a little audio clip , first riff is delay off , second riff , delay On , huge difference.
Both Mag and COSM are hard paned.

Delay is set to 2ms but playing with that value changes the tone a lot. (1-2-3ms)

Heads up:
I found that when using piezo system , they have to set to reverse in : System/GK/page 3 / GK PU phase
Makes all the difference.

GK3B is better left normal. (1cm off the bridge)


Worth mentioning :
You can use one of the Multi FX too (M1 & M2) @ "sub delay" with the same parameters.