GR-55 MIDI RX Patch Change MAP?

Started by gumtown, March 09, 2011, 10:57:23 AM

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Ok sussed it now - just saw that the built in patches start at bank 16 and got to 18 103

So   CC0 16 CC32 0 PC    0 is Lead   01-1
And CC0 18 CC32 0 PC 103 is Other 40-3

If you turn the scroll wheel on the GR55 the next patch is User 01-1
Which is CC0 0 CC32 0 PC 0 is User 01-1
And       CC0 2 CC32 0  PC 40 is User 99-3 the last user patch

Now I need to work out how to just scroll through the presets by incrementing the patch number, the equivalent of spinning the scroll wheel.  Anyone know how to do this?  I figured out how to do this on a VL3 


If you use the GR-55FloorBoard editor, don't need the GR-55 connected,
set the preferences > midi/USB setting for deBug Mode enabled, then press OK,
it will restart, and hit the "connect" button, after a few popup missing GR-55 errors you can start doing a single mouse click on the left patch tree panel,
and the editor status bar will display the bank, control change, patch numbers for each selected patch.
Free "GR-55 FloorBoard" editor software from


Maybe this might help a little. I made this tutorial a few years ago on midi mapping with the help of several from this forum.

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I just got a GT-1000 and one of the first things I did was attempt to send program change messages to my GR-55. Three hours later and after reading this thread, I realized I can program, per-patch, PC messages in the GT-1000 and just leave the GR-55 in "fixed" mode. Works great.

PS.... is there some sort of chart to convert PC numbers 0 - 128 to GR-55 bank/patch numbers?


I just purchased a simple MIDI footswitch to allow me to access more of my favorite GR-55 patches without tapdancing. It's a MIDI Mongoose, and it only sends the basic MIDI patch changes 0-127 on the desired channel. I thought I could just use the RX patch change map to select the presets I wanted when the Mongoose footswitch 1-5, 6-10 were pressed and life would be good.  Ha ha!

As this thread has fully investigated, the GR-55 doesn't just accept a program change when it's in PRG mode, you have to send a bank and program change, which the MIDI Mongoose does not do.  So the fallback position is for me to use the librarian and just organize the presets I want, mapped to the MIDI PC the Mongoose sends - my #1 preset resides in slot 01-1 and is selected when the Mongoose sends PC 1, etc.

While I was doing this, I found something odd about the GR-55. As a certain point, when I sent a PC 1, the GR-55 would select user patch 43-3.  Other times it would select patch 86-2.   At first I thought this was a bug but then I realized the GR-55 is projecting its own "Bank select" of 127 presets when it's in the FIX mode. So how do you set it to the other banks? After some fooling around, I realized that if you select a preset within the higher banks and press the "Enter" key, the MIDI RX map is set to the range that encompasses the preset you selected. 

So to select presets 01-1 through 43-2, just select a preset in that range and press "Enter"
For the second bank, select a preset 43-3 through 86-1
And to access the third bank, select any preset from 86-2 to 99-3 and press enter.

This "bank selection" seems to be retained through powerdown and powerup.  I thought it was interesting enough to share with the group. 
Thanks for all your help!
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Great secret revealed - thanks for documentation of this