Sledgehammer to crack an SY1000

Started by Nobulusprime, March 18, 2023, 03:46:29 PM

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I'd been playing around trying to create a brass ensemble/section type sound on the SY1000. So I thought of a demo to try it out Peter Gabriel's Sledgehammer was an obvious choice.

So I threw this together quickly - everything is on the SY1000 guitar mode barring the drums which is the Manu Katche stems. Brass is up loud in the mix

Brass - all dynamic synths
Japanese Flute - Dynamic synth + Vio guitar -not the easiest part to play on guitar and sound convincing!
Bass - Fender Jazz, dynamic sine wave bass, dynamic sine wave bass 2 octaves lower
Guitars - normal pick up - boutique amp
Prophet 5 (organ) all dynamic synths through a rotary speaker.


Brilliant as always, thank you for sharing.  :)
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Awesome work on this. Great simulations.


I love this song. Those sounds and the demo itself is fantastic. You also show that even with the "deviations" from the original sounds, you make something that sounds musical and magical. You have the wisdom to know how to approach these sounds, the experience to get them in the ballpark, and the skills to make them sound so musical.


But I got more gear than I need...and I like it!


Great patches and great playing on a great song! That's the way to start a great week. Thanks for sharing.

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