How to use your "Pre 2012" Mac's Built-In Audio I/O in Logic

Started by Elantric, January 11, 2013, 04:38:33 AM

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How to use your Mac's Built-In Audio I/O in Logic

Set your iMac's Sound to "Line Input" instead of "Mic"

Get a Stereo 3.5mm TRS to 1/4" TS adapter cable  - like this

Use this Cable on the GR-55 Audio Stereo Output, to feed the Stereo 3.5mm TRS Audio input jack on your iMac.
The iMac has excellent built in sound hardware and often superior to many third party External Audio interfaces.

Monitor your sound with Headphones or Powered Speakers connected to your iMac's Stereo 3.5mm TRS Audio Output jack.(its the same Jack as the External "Headphone" jack)
IN Logic  - Set the Audio to "Built In Line Output / Input"
Open Logic Pro and select Preferences within Logic Pro. Select Audio and at the "Device" drop down menu, select Built-in Line Output/Input.


I'm not sure about the more recent iMacs but the input and output on mine are dual analog and digital. 

So I use an output from a digital mixer using a coaxial SP/DIF cable into the input of my late 2009 iMac Corei7 2.8 ghz model and get a digital connection and I can run it in 24-bit mode.

This gives me cleaner sounding audio even though I've used the method you suggest prior to discovering the ports on this computer are what they call "convertible" - either analog or digital.

I know the very newest 21" iMacs lack audio in capability or so I've heard - external interfaces are going to be required for those users.

But very good info.
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Thats right - Here are my 2011 iMac Audio I/O options. ( note the S/PDIF Digital Audio I/O)- Sadly the new "thin"2013 imacs  and Latest Macbooks removed bulk of these options.

iMac 3.5mm Audio Jacks also support S/PDIF Digital Audio I/O via optical cable - like this

The iMac Headphone jack with the above cable can also feed the Dolby AC3 Optical input on Receivers and Powered Surround Speakers from Logitech.

All the above Audio I/O options also hold true for Most Apple Macs 2001-2011.

Lately the penny pinchers at Apple are removing all the External Audio Input path,

On the latest 2013 models. most simply use the identical Audio configuration as  iPhone Headset Jack- 

Which makes the late 2011 Macbook Pro 17" with i7 QuadCore still a very attractive Mobile DAW platform