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Started by DiegoTele, March 11, 2023, 08:41:07 AM

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Hello everyone! I am Diego from Uruguay, currently living in Australia. I'm relatively new to the forum as a registered user but I have been reading a lot of topics since 2020. I am a happy gp-10 and Primova MIDX-20 user.

I'm grateful for the loads of info super well organized and the knowledge of the users.

I wanted to create a topic about some trouble that I'm having with my gk-kit, the second string pickup/magnet doesn't work. I don't know where to post it in the forum.

Soon I'll upload a picture to my account.

I also want to set up a hex pickup on my 5 string banjo, it'll happen some day!

I'm glad to be here. Thanks everyone!  8)


Welcome to the VGUITARFORUMS

Typically a dropped string is due to GK 13 cable issue

Learn maintenance strategies here


Thanks for your reply! Since it's not due to the GK 13 cable I guess I should find a thread where the pickup (or wires?) issue is disscused.