Question - Is there way to use GR-33 with GK-3 installed upside down?

Started by Maimroid, February 26, 2023, 12:16:00 PM

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I recently had an internal GK-3 installed and they put it in upside down. I discovered the error when I was messing with the sensitivity settings trying to figure out why the tracking was completely out of wack.
So I plugged into my SY-1000, reversed the PU and, it was good.

Any way to do this on the GR-33??



Thanks so much for this! I love this forum/community. I'm sorry, I just want to confirm what I'm reading. I can simply reverse that connection and then go about connecting to all my devices as if the pickup was installed correctly? Hope I'm not coming across lazy. I'm still new in overall comprehension on these topics.


Yes - perform the hardware 8 pin Pickup connector Pin reorientation- then you can use the pickup with ALL GK 13 products - although the GK-3 does have a lower output level vs the older GK-2A - which many report only drives old 1989 GR-50 , GR-1 to 70% vs GK-2A which can drive Older gear to 100%


Just a quick update,
I successfully made the reversal. All is well.
Detailed instructions on this thread.
With all the headaches of having local luthiers and guitar techs attempt the installation of Hex pickup hardware, it's good to know that there are experienced people; generous with their time and advice to help the rest of us learn. Love VGforums.


A very much more expensive option is the Primova GX-2 guitar/synth switcher. It allows you to swap the GK orientation programmatically inside the box. Glad you managed the surgery in a cheaper way!
But I got more gear than I need...and I like it!


Oh yea, I wondered about that GX-2 unit. I had a GKFX-1 made by Robert at Primova. I honestly don't even know if it works. I have a Godin with what I thought were LR Baggs piezos and thought it would help with tracking but there was zero difference. Turns out the 97' Godin had an early Ghost system factory mod. Maybe that's why. It's in the shop now for an RMC upgrade. What a crazy series of discoveries that's been so far.