Best characteristics for GK or FTP success?

Started by JRB, February 03, 2023, 11:30:44 AM

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Hi all, I'm sure this has been covered extensively but in my rudimentary search I didn't find the info I'm hunting for. If I've missed a spot where this info is covered I'd appreciate it if you could point me to it.

I currently have a GK-2 installed on a cheap Squier strat copy, and I'm considering upgrading both my guitar and my pickup. What guitar characteristics seem to result in the best tracking for either the Fishman Triple Play pickup or the GK-3? Not necessarily the best guitar, per se, but:

  • Scale length: is longer better? e.g.., "Fender" scale of 25.5" vs. Gibson 24.625"? Would longer than 25.5 be better, such as a 27" scale?
  • Bridge type: Fixed bridge = less tuning "wobble" so better tracking?
  • Guitar construction: set neck vs. bolt on; any difference?

Thanks for any input!


Fixed bridge

Flatwound strings ( D'Addario Chromes)

Excellent setup - no loose parts rattles - action set without fret buzz , frets leveled and dressed and highly  polished
Nut cut properly and string height not too low - keep nut slots lubricated
Foam mutes on all non speaking string length ( above the Nut, behind the bridge )


I think if you can get the GK at a good distance the evertune bridge could be awesome as well.


I have GK-3s on guitars with fixed bridge (PRS SE245) and with tremolo (Jazzmaster). So long as the pickup is set near the strings and matches the radius fairly well I have not seen / heard any significant tracking problems. (On one guitar with a compound radius fretboard, so very flat at the bridge, I could not get such good results across all strings.)


Sympathetic ringing between strings causes glitches and false track. So a not so resonant guitar might help a little? And also a gk attached with some damping tricks.
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