Seeking information on 70 year old German guitar

Started by Jethro52, January 19, 2023, 03:00:08 AM

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I have a hollow body electric arch top guitar with a Sunburst finish on it. It is in good working order including the pick up. The only inscriptions or markings that I can find on it are the date of April 15, 1954 on the back of the pick guard, on the headstock there is inlay of "Hoener" and finally, on the bridge are the letters "D.B.P.ang.".

I've been trying to find what the letters on the bridge might signify and the only thinkg so far is that "ang." might stand for "approved" as in a QC stamp.

This instrument belonged to my father and I was always told that it was custom-made for him when he was stationed in Germany in the 50s. If anyone can offer any information on the manufacture or anything else that might contribute to knowing its origin or value I would appreciate it.