Magnetic HEX pickups into Variax

Started by cags12, December 05, 2022, 06:26:57 AM

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Long overdue, I have finally gotten a Variax (Shuriken) to start experimenting with the Alt tunings and models compared to the GP-10 and Auto tune for Guitar. Now my curious mind is already pushing me to hack it.

I want to connect a Hex magnetic pickup as the input of the Variax DSP and enjoy better palm mutes, better string separation, etc.
The plan I had, similar to what I did with my ATG guitar was to use the Cycfi NU pickups and connect them to the Variax DSP while powering the pickups from a separate 9V bolt battery. This exact same connection I accomplished successfully with the ATG DSP (Piezo version).

I did an initial proof of concept and strangely, the Variax does not seem to emit output when I connect the Cycfi NU. I then tried to do the same with an internal GK-3 Kit this time powering from the GP-10 but routing the audio signals and ground (yellow and blue wires) to the Variax, same result no audio.

I thought, maybe the signal is too hot that the DSP will simply shutdown the audio? I tried attenuating the NU's but the same kept happening. Final thing I did was to connect the Passive signal of a separate guitar to the input of the Variax DSP, and still no audio.

I understand impedance is important to consider but in this case, similarly to what I have applied with the my ATG guitar, I am relying on impedance bridging by using a low impedance output with a high impedance load.

My question to all you gurus, what am I missing? Would anyone have any intel and considerations?
I know this is possible and we have the perfect example the with the RackVAX.

@admin @Elantric you may have good knowledge on h ow the RackVAX accomplishes this.